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How do I pay off dui
I got a dui when I was 19 I’m now 25,I did the classes an one day in the holding tank an community service
I assume you are talking about a Court fine. You start paying it. $50 per month? You may request the Court set up a...
Statue of Limitation on Dui Conviction
Was pulled over for a DUI in 3/06/2016, went to court 6/06 and finished court 7/31/2016. Called to check on my license on 7/31/2017 and DMV informed me that I have just been charged for a DUI but never convicted and need to contact the courts for a conviction to get my license back. Applied for health insurance on 12/15/2017 and was told again, I just have a Citation for a DUI but no conviction. I do know that statute of limitations is 18 months and was told by my DUI Class Instruction that if they have not filed a conviction that now is beyond the time to file a conviction and I will just have the charge/citation on my record. This is in California. Is this correct?
Something's amiss here. Your description of events makes no sense.
Can I change my plea from guilty to not guilty for a DUI?
Its my first dui. When we went to court the first time my at the time incompetent lawyer filed a plea of Not Guilty to postpone court until March. Ive been reading on DUI punishements and how the judge may be more lenient on a sentencing if I had just plead guilty. I know im guilty and dont know why the lawyer did that but I was wondering if there was a way that I could still change it before my court date in March? Would very much like to avoid jail time and I think it might help my situation. Ive learned my lesson and am currently in AA and doing my DMV classes
Yes you can change your mind and plead guilty, by asking for an earlier court date. However, judges are not necessarily...
What does maintain proof of financial responsibility for 3 years mean?
I lost the hearing for my DUI. There are 2 points that read: You must file proof of financial responsibility as provided in $16430 VC You must maintain proof of financial responsibility for 3 years. What does this mean? It says my license can be reissued in February 2018 if I complete those points. Does this mean I really won't be able to get it back until 2021? Or that I have to have financial responsibility until 2021?
What did your attorney tell you? My guess is you can get your license back in 2018 and they can take it away if you...
Will i go to jail if i get caught without a interlock in one of my cars
I have 2 cars and 1 car does not have an interlock..i drove the car with out the interlock amd got pulled over. Car was impounded and now i have a court date next month. What are the penalties and will i face jail time? I had 2 dui offenses amd i live in California..please help
Aside from new charges, this might be a violation of your probation. Best advice meet and consult with a few local...
DUI and expert witnesses?
Unfortunately I just got another dui. Thiss is my second in 10 years. My first was pretty smooth and completed all requirements rapidly. We have a household friend who is a lawyer in another state and said that my new case I should fight more because the laws have changes in the last 4-5 years and I might have more of a change. With that said I got into a minor accident on my way home from a social event. I was knocked out from from the accident and taken striaght to the hosiupatal. I remained uncoincious a majority of the time except a few moments of being combative (according to the hospital records) then given tranquilizers to come be down aqnd passed by out. The police reports say somehow I consented to a blood draw. Not sure how that happened. Is this a case I could fight somewhat with a good lawyer? My bac was .14 and they didnt even test me until 4.0 hours after the accident. Money is not much of a concern since I am retiered and have a confortable income, but is it worth hiring a great attorney and possiblry retain experts to evalutae this case and testify on my behalf. Thanks you very muchfor your time -
The law has changed per u s Supreme Court in 2013 and again in 2016. California cases are falling in line. Blood draw...
I have never had a dui but i have criminal charges on my traffic record. Is there any possible way to get these expunged?
I was wrongfully convicted of a speeding ticket doing 123 miles an hour fought it tooth & nail in court and lost. I was unemployed at the time and couldn't pay these Hefty fines and did end up having my license suspended. Then was convicted of speeding on suspended two more times in the few years following. What makes it a criminal offense? Im seeking employment with the US Post Office and this is stopping me from completing what I really want to do. I have had my license back for close to 4 years now paid all my fines showed proof of financial responsibility. I understand it was my own neglect and I shouldn't have been speeding shouldn't even been driving period. Do you think there's any hope for me on getting this removed???
You can consult an attorney to try to have the charges reduced with a motion explaining your inability to get a job...