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Would it be possible to admit in rehab rather than jail time for a second dui?
i was arrested twice within 10 days? i blew a 1.2 and a 2.7 BAC.
You really need to consult with an attorney to review for the purpose of reviewing all your options. You already know...
How long does it take for toxicology (blood) tests to come back for a dui case?
A relative crashed her car after apparently becoming unconscious while driving. She had her child in the car. The Police revived her with Narcan and they took her to the hospital and took a blood sample. The child was not physically injured and has been removed from her care (good!). Of course she denies (lies) using heroin or opiates. Her story changes frequently, such as “I took too much Xanax” (but she was literally unresponsive). It has been almost 3 months and her case has been continued twice (the charges are: driving under the influence and misdemeanor child abuse). My questions are: 1. How long does it take for the tox report? Will they have tested for everything: opiates, benzos, etc.? 2. Will the Narcan hide any opiates in her system since it supposedly ‘reverses’ the drug? Btw, we don’t want her to get off. We want her held accountable and to deal with the consequences and learn from her actions. And perhaps most importantly, we want the child to be safe with his current guardians who have made an important transition to the quality of his life. Would they order a rehab program as part of her sentence, if convicted?
1. How long does it take for the tox report? Will they have tested for everything: opiates, benzos, etc? The bottom...
What will happen if convicted of DUI in Colorado with an NC license?
My ex was arrested for a DUI 12/19/17 in Colorado. He has an NC drivers license and prior NC conviction for DUI in 2001. If he is convicted of DUI in CO, will he lose NC driving privileges? We share custody of two small children and I'm concerned.
If convicted, he will be revoked in NC, but may be eligible for a limited driving privilege while his license is...
Driving on a priviledge license from first dui and got a second dui charge. Can I get a restrictive license if convicted?
I believe it will be a level one, I was driving on a suspended license from first dui, a month later I was charged for second. I have a valid license now, good job, and am an active memeber of aa. Been through treatment and everything. all that ends if I cant drive.
GREAT question. No, a privilege is specifically excluded. In fact, back-to-back convictions in a short period (...
I was passenger - Misdemeanor Aide and Abet a DWI - Do I need a lawyer for this specific instance + any realistic repercussions?
I moved to North Carolina two weeks ago by myself from Pennsylvania. A week and a half later I decided to check out my first bar to try and meet some people since I'm new to the area. I met one guy at the bar at 11pm and he was really friendly and nice to me. He didn't show any signs of being intoxicated and we were talking for about an hour and 15 minutes. He offered to drive to downtown Raleigh to experience a couple of those bars since I never was there before. I said why not. We went to two bars and again I was just seeing what it was like, wasn't trying to get too crazy or anything. I had a couple beers and wasn't closely monitoring him because I was trying to meet and talk with other people. Then at the end of the night when the bars were closing, he offered to drop me off home too. I didn't notice any intoxication signs so I said if you're good to go then sure! Right as we were leaving a cop pulled behind his car and I was in the passenger seat. I didn't have to take any tests, I just sat in the seat and he came back over and gave me the citation / told me I can go, I uber'd home. Do I need a lawyer + what realistic outcome do you think will happen? fines, etc
You absolutely need a lawyer. Aiding and Abetting DWI is punishable as a Level 5 DWI. If convicted, you will lose your...
If convicted with 2nd dui within 3 years at level 1, is 2 years the soonest for limited license? is it discretionary?
Can I request from the judge to have a limited driving priveledge sooner, if it warrants keeping me from getting to AA and work, which I am apart of. I havent been convicted, have been fighting for 2 1/2 years. in sobriety and completed treatment on my own.
If you are charged with a second DWI within 3 years of the date you were convicted of your first, and you are...
License was suspended for driving while impaired have two tickets now for DWLR impaired. What going to happen?
First charge for driving while license impaired was in July. Was placed on probation in Wake county. Got a ticket in a different county a month later for DWLR impaired, which I got continued in court to February... I was in a car accident which I was at fault for and now have another ticket for failure to reduce speed and DWLR impaired. This is in March for Wake county. What should I expect for both appearances?
Did you not have an assessment or do required treatment? Were you required to have an ignition interlock installed but...