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Can I have DUI conviction overturned or reversed?
In April 2015 I pled guilty to two DUI's in neighboring counties. Ive always questioned whether they even had good cases. Was it procedurally correct to not breathalyze me when they pulled me over? Not arrest or even ticket me but just send me on my way? In King county I mentioned having a couple of beers to the officers. I was actually referring to the previous day when I was pulled over in the other county. Regardless, I now have two DUI convictions in two counties. Also, these DUI's were within 72 hours of one another. I've heard they should have been run differently. Together somehow? But they were in separate counties and since I couldn't afford an attorney i felt stuck with very green public defenders. Plus, I had no money for bail. Consequently, I was unable to go out and seek a pro bono attorney or pursue a deferred sentence. Instead I sat 29 days in jail while my attorney did, I don't know. At 29 jail days it became too much. I said I'd plead guilty just to get out of jail. I did an Alfred plea but it did not help my situation. My plea mistake causes me great difficulty. I feel cheated by our guilty until proven innocent system.
I am sorry to say that this is nearly impossible to withdraw your guilty pleas even a day after you enter it let alone,...
Arrested for a DUI but received no ticket or documentation of the arrest. Am I being charged?
I got pulled over after swerving some - I had a few drinks but thought I was okay to drive. The state patrol officer said he was going to take me to jail but didn't. He instead released me in a shopping center parking lot and informed me to take a taxi home. I was given no ticket, no paperwork of court date. The only paperwork I have is my impound documentation and my breathalyzer receipt. I am unsure of if I am being charged as I was given no ticket.
The officer should also have given you documents for requesting a hearing with the Department of licensing. You have 20...
Will my deferred dui from 2014 prevent me from obtaining a job at the University of Washington?
I have completed a 2 year outpatient rehabilitation program due to my deferred prosecution on a DUI in 2014. I have been in good standing with my probation, I have since remained sober, have gone back to school, have had no further traffic violations or tickets and I am now awaiting an official employment status (contingent on background check) for the University of Washington Medical Center.
There are laws prohibiting wrongful discrimination in employment (i.e. gender, race, etc.) Persons with criminal...
Rules when on probation for vehicle assault / dui WA STATE
Daughter spent 1 year in prison for vehicle assault/dui . She was under the influence of alcohol. She is now on probation for 1 year , with 3 months left. She has been smoking weed a few times I just found out . Is this a violation of the probation.
That depends on what the conditions of her probation her. If they prohibit her from possessing or consuming controlled...
Just got a dui in Washington but have a Oregon License and address ?
I just moved to Washington and have not changed my address our License over yet and just got a dui in Washington how will this effect my Oregon licnece ?
By moving in WA you will need to get a WA license. If the State has a good case against you for DUI you could be...
Will my son be able to obtain a real estate license in the state of Washington with a 12 year old felony DUI.?
DUI with motor vehicle accident and injury. My son served 3 months in jail and 5 years probation. He has been an active As member and has been sober 10 years.
In WA, the Department of Licensing is the agency that licenses real estate brokers. Your son can contact the DoL to...
If i got dui in 2011 and havent driven is there any way in wa.state to avoid having ignition interlock
Got dui in 2011 and havent driven since in wa. State is there any way i can avoid the expense
Was the DUI in Washington? If yes, then the answer is NO.. however if it's an out-of-state conviction, I believe you...