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It was an accident with injury(Felony DUI). If i would have plead guilty the case would have been closed as a misdemeanor however it went under review then noticed it was charged wrong and they brought felony charges back. Is that legal?
You need to address this question to your defense attorney, which I have to assume you have by this point given how far...
This person has not been to court yet. If convicted it will be their second one.
The answer to that question may be state-specific. In general however, you should never serve a visibly intoxicated...
my husband has a dui conviction in 1990 another in 2004 and is now charged with a new dui can they go all the way back to the 1990 conviction and count that one.
See my answer in duplicate thread. Count against him in what context?
whating to know how many years they can go back to hold a dui against you
It depends in what context. Your question is quite broad. It depends if you mean for diversion eligibility, or for...
Officer did not see me driving vehicle and I was walking down the street when he gave me a driving while suspended and a no insurance ticket.
You should fight your case then. Is there a specific question?
A friend has had 3 duiis in oregon. The last was in 2004. It took 4 years to get to court and his license was suspended in 2007. However, he didn't drive after 2004. Also, he stopped drinking in 04 and is still dry. His license has been suspended for 10 years. Can he have the 4 years between the duii ticket and the court date applied as time served? He'd like to start his own business and would like to get married and move on with his life. His record has been clean since 2004. Can a judge override the DMV, making his license eligible for reinstatement one year from now rather than 2017? Personally, I feel 14 years without a license for someone who is not drinking is excessive punishment. But what does the law say? Thankyou.
According to Oregon Law your friend is not eligible to petition the court to restore driving privileges until 10 years...
My dad was pulled over for a DUI and refused to take a breath test. I told this him that this will make things worse for him, but he disagreed. Who is right? .
It will make it harder for the state to prove its case but may result in more serious driver's license consequences so...