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Can and should I plead first offender for aggravated battery?
I am 21 and in college. O have two DUI convictions and in DUI court for those convictions. I am in aa and been sober for 5 months. Prior to all this happening I got in a drunken fight in my hometown. A guy provoked me all night and eventually after we argued I was told to leave. After I left while waiting for my dd the guy followed me to the truck and continued to provoke me. We fought and i only hit him three times but he was hurt badly. I think several teeth and his nose was shattered. He was in ICU overnight but never in critical condition. This guy has a reputation of starting fights. There were seven witnesses four were my best friends and three were drunk bystanders that swear I just attacked him as he walked by. What should I do? Am I looking at jail time
First off, congratulations on being five months sober. It sounds like you are turning your life around and you should...
I got a DUI in VA but had a Georgia license
I got a DUI in VA while having a Georgia license, since the DUI my GA license has expired. I never got a VA license but I did get an ID card. I was told by someone that I would not have to go through the hoops that VA has in place for DUI offenders because Georgia is not under the interstate compact, and the DUI will not effect my ability to have a license. Is this true? Thank you.
Even though Georgia is not a member of the Interstate Compact, there is still the National Driver Register which is a...
Does Georgia extradite DUI misdemeanor warrants?
I live in Colorado and quit reporting to probation 6 years ago.
It's up to the individual county where the warrant is, but probably not.
Was I supposed to receive a 1205 form for my DUI/refusal?
I totalled my car empty containers were found. I refused a breathalyzer and the arresting officer got mad and ASSUMED I refused to take blood tests but I was just trying to stall a little bit. I never received a 1205 do I still fill out a 10 day appeal letter or is the refusal going to suspend my license anyway? I argued saying I did not refuse blood testing but he was angry with me for not blowing and told me it's too late i refused all testing. for all I know the hospital took my blood as I was in and out of consciousness and awoke with an IV.
It is still a good idea to file the 10 day letter. It's an even better idea to hire a lawyer immediately.
How long is the statute of limitations for a DUI in Georgia?
I was arrested with DUI less safe 26mos ago. I have not received a letter of accusation from Fulton co. yet. It has been over 2 years since my arrest. I do have a lawyer & have heard nothing on that end as well.
Contact your lawyer with your inquiry.
Can chasing a dui hit and run suspect down from escape help me with my own dui?
I am currently awaiting trial for a dui hit and run. My attorney feels that it's not a very strong case the state has, anyway today my wife and I were driving home when a car sped passed us cut someone off then hit a car. Then drive away from that and head on into another car. ThE passengers in that car were hurt pretty bad. The guy got out and tried to walk away from scene. I jump on my phone with 911 and follow the guy about a mile away on foot until officers arrived. My wife stayed and pulled the two injured out of the car they were stuck in. Awesome thing for her to do being 5 mths pregnant with twins. But what I'm curious to know is it possible for this unfortunate situation to help my current case at all in any way? In my case I bumped a parked car and had paint transfer. I denied all sobriety tests and no one was hurt like what happend today. I'd ask my attorney but she is on maternity leave.
It's shows good moral character, which would help in sentencing, but I don't necessarily see your case going that far along.
I was sober, and do not do drugs, but was arrested for DUI and given a blood test in GA, on suspicion. Should I get a lawyer?
I was going to a festival yesterday in Henry County GA. I was pulled over at the entrance. I was driving my brothers car he let me borrow. It turns out I had a brake light out. The officer asked me to step out to "write me a warning." I was completely sober. I also do not do drugs. The officers kept saying I was "nervous" and asked to search my car. They found nothing, besides my brothers prescription to aderol I didn't know was in there, which I am also legally prescribed to. I had taken mine earlier in the day. Nothing else was found. More police arrived and I was given a field sobriety test. I did that, and was suddenly placed in cuffs and arrested. I was shocked. I kept telling them I don't do drugs, nor had I drank anything. I was taken to jail, sober as a bird, and given a blood test. The results will be negative. However, my car was impounded, etc. and its a hassle. Can I get the negative results and get this dropped myself or do I also need to pay for a lawyer? I am completely innocent. Also, can I sue or do anything about this? It is outrageous. They profiled me because I was a festival goer & probably thought it was a safe bet I was on drugs. But I don't do drugs. Period.
Government is immune from prosecution unless civil rights are violated. Hiring an attorney is up to you but Henry...