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Is it possible to get earlier termination of probation with a dui In Arapahoe county.
I got a Dui high BAC and was on pre trail for 4 months but got one year probation 20 days IHD and minimum fines. I did community service and VIP before sentencing all my fines were paid after 3 months and got rest of community service done in a month 48 hours. after the 6 month mark all my achohal class will be done. Is it likely to ealier terminate from probation after 6 months plus been the 4 months of pre trial? I was asked to get a review in 9 months and that was granted. Could I ask to ealier terminate at the review?
How long is your probation for? Probation isn't just about getting your stuff done.
Should I hire a lawyer to attend my summons for a DUI?
I was recently pulled over for crossing the center line. I had consumed 7 alcoholic drinks in a 5 hr period. I by no means felt intoxicated, I did the road side test and the officer never mentioned I failed. He asked if I would submit to a breathalyzer and I said no, which he told me I was allowed to. He then cuffed me and put me in the back of his patrol car and asked if I would submit to a blood test, which I agreed to. So he took me to the local hospital, they took a blood sample and then I was released at the hospital, I never even went to the police station. They told me I would hear the results of the test in 4-6 weeks but my court date is scheduled for only 4 weeks out. I was told if my test results come back below the legal limit they would most likely dismiss everything, however I do not want to take any chances, as I've never been in trouble with the law before.
you are charged with a crime that can have lasting impacts. you should definitely hire an attorney experienced in...
There were errors on the dui ticket
So i got the yellow ticket that show my name and bac number descriptions of my eyes my walking my heigh name... however there was also another long typed paper that have my name car vin number, car license number and car description and the total points that I lost. However in that one the police messed up the car license plate vin number and car description. The important thig is that I did not refuse to take the brearhing test however the cop said i refuse to do so. And there were no bac on the yellow ticket. So can i fight the case
You can fight your case through either a DMV EC hearing, or through the courts where you are prosecuted for the DUI....
My probation officers wants to extend my dui classes that I have finished. Can she?
I received a dui - did jail time for 3 months, finished my duo classes plus I finished therapy classes. My teachers say that I am finished my classes but my probation officer wants to extend them. Can she?
No. Presumably, the sentencing judge ordered a specific amount of hours. If PO wants to modify this amount, then s/he...
Can I get a CDL in Colorado with two duis before 2005?
One received in 1989 and one in 2001.
It depends on the facts and circumstances of your convictions. If they were in the commercial vehicle, you will likely...
Weird DUI experience in Colorado on Friday.
I was out in weld county and was driving home at 11 pm and ended up in an accident in my neighbor hood as my car drifted to the right with bad alignment when I had dropped a water bottle under the break peddle. Anyway I had a few drinks at about 330 but the only thing left was the smell of alcohol. I got out of my car and called the police. I told them it was my car and it was just and accident and then the paramedics proceeded to check me out and take me to the hospital as I did hit my head pretty hard and felt dizzy and with a headache. The cop showed up at the hospital and asked me if I drank and I said I did drink 2-3 drinks at 4-5. He then said he wanted to do a field test and I said sure. He did the eye test which totally seems invalid as I was just in a car wreck. Anyway after the eye test he said he was going to charge me with DUI and asked to do a blood test and I said no. I knew I'd loose my license. He Asked me 8 times if was sure. The officer issued me a summons for careless driving, no license and he didn't write DUI in the charges with the other two charges and as he left he didn't say DUI when he listed my charges I was summoned to court for. so confused now.
You may need further medical attention. Unless you were issued an express consent affidavit and notice of revocation,...
I need some advice about drug testing and level 1 DUI classes
Signed up for DUI classes. Wondering about the drug testing because I will have weed in my system from legal recreational use. Even stopping now won't get it out of my system in time. It stays for up to months sometimes. I used it legally but now that I'm in the course i'm concerned they will fail me due to testing positive. If they do drug test, what all are they testing for? Also, although I'm required to be enrolled in alcohol class my original charge was a DUID and it happened sometime in July 2014. I am no longer on probation and within my legal right to use marijuana. I don't know what to do?
First of all, I would ask why you are enrolled in alcohol classes at this time.? Is is a requirement to get your...