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When does the I.I.d restriction period begin? I.e the conviction date
I got a dui july 2, 2012 in sacramento ca my violation was 23152 (b) first offender. I was ordered by dmv to install an I.I.D for 5month and my license suspended for 6mont (February 2, 2013 their specified date not mine) Its been 6months now the suspension will be removed tomorrow and I havent drove since the dui so I havent installed the I.I.D but i completed all classes and payed up on all my fines. Will I get my license back with no restrictions and not have to install the I.I.D??
You need to read over the order very carefully, but I think you will discover that the IID installation was to begin...
Will my DUI charged be dismissed?
I was charged with DUI 22 years ago, but I never appeared in court. I'm pretty sure that the arresting officer is either in a retirement home or possibly even dead, he appeared in his late 50's at the time of the arrest. How hard would it be for the DA to prosecute a 22 year old DUI case. Should I wait another eight years to ensure the case gets dismissed? Will I also be charged with PC 1320 if I decide to turn myself in?
The passage of time makes prosecuting you difficult if not impossible, its likely that your case would be dismissed if...
HHow can I find out if there's a statue of limitations on 2 d.u.i ?
Ordered to go to d.u.i school for 18 months and failed to do so
You've found out! The SOL has absolutely nothing to do with the DUI Class you never completed. Take the class.
Is there any chance to get into Canada with multiple DUIs for a weekend.
I want to attend a family wedding in Canada Spring 2018 but have 4 DUIs in 12 Years. Currently I still have a Felony DUI On my record. Is there any chance I can attend this wedding. I want to go through the right legal procedures. Also, an estimate in costs would be helpful. Thanks
Good chance you will NOT be admitted to Canada. That might be rather embarrassing with the family. In the meantime,...
Can I smoke marijuana on felony probation for DUI?
There is nothing in the terms of my probation about marijuana. I have a card. Can I still smoke? It does say zero tolerance for alcohol
better check your terms of orobation more closely and speak with your attorney
How can I get hired with DUI in record ?
I received DUI in August off work time on my own personal time. I let my employer know and subsequently i was fired since i drive clients sometimes. Can't have any marks on driving record. I'm applying for a new job that requires background check. I will not be driving clients, but will drive between time to each clients home. Should i let them know before I get fingerprinted? I'm paying fines and in a DUI class. Is there any way to have a letter written to the employer from a lawyer saying I'm taking care of everything and shouldn't affect hiring me? Especially with my track record at my last jobs 10 + years. My employer is giving me a great reference even though the situation. Sorry for long message. Thank you for your time. Erin New 4084663157 [email protected]
Best to be honest up front.
How do I file for expungement while still on probation for DUI?
I was convicted of a DUI October 2016. I was arrested January 2016, and fought it with a lawyer for nearly a year. It has now been a year and one month of informal probation. Lawyer was able to drop it to a misdemeanor with 3 years informal. I am trying to expunge my record for a better job. I was also convicted in 2010 for Receiving Stolen Property. In 2014 it was reduced to a misdemeanor due to Prop 47 in California state. I had requested Petition for Dismissal in 2014 and was denied to owed restitution. Prior to the DUI I had turned my life around and was working paying off my restitution. One month before my DUI I was injured on the job and had a rough patch. I learned my lesson dearly. I just paid off the entirety of both cases restitution. I would like to file for petition of dismissal of both cases. I am concerned being on informal probation for DUI will not allow me dismissal for 2010 case, and the DUI case. I have since gone back to college and have a GPA of 3.4 and good recommendations. Advice?
My advice is to wait. Most judges aren’t willing to terminate probation early, especially not before the 1/2 way Point....