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Will I be arrested with no bond if i failed dui blood test with an open case of domestic battery with means of deadly weapon?
I volunteered breathlyzer and passed it but was forced to get dui blood test. I had just gotten out of jail few days before with judges rule of no drugs or alcohol.
Guess with no case info is you will get a bond. perhaps ask your attorney.
How long can an owi case continue in Indiana?
I was arrested July 4 2015. No blood alcohol or Breathalyzer was done. I have a court appointed attorney who keeps asking for a continuance which has nothing to do with my case. How long can this go on? I really need this over with and get my license back so I can get my grandchildren (which I have custody of) to school functions etc....
The continuances can go on as long as the attorney asks and the court allows. You have other options available but...
I failed a drug test for cocaine on house arrest but am not on probation. What are the consequences? This is my first time.
I am on probation for my 3rd OWI an have been on house arrest for over a year now and have less than 1 month to go. I am not on probation and upon my outdate I will have served my full sentence.
It depends on the terms of your sentence and house arrest. Although your sentence can't be extended, there may have...
What should i expect after i was in an accident with my child in the car while i was intoxicated, but not arrested at the scene?
I was involved in a single car accident with no damage to vehicle or property. I was intoxicated and had my four year old son in the car. I was not given a breathalyzer at the scene, but was taken to hospital in ambulance. My son nor myself was not treated for injury. Blood was drawn and the hospital with a "very high" BAC, i do not know specific. I was released from the hospital later that night under care of my family member. I have had no contact from the police regarding the matter as of now. Hospital social worker said i would be contacted by the child protection services. What should i expect to happen next?
It is possible that the information was given to a prosecutor to review and determine what, if any, charges to file....
What’s the worst case scenario for a driving while intoxicated accident with a minor in the car
I had a single car accident with a child in the car. I was taken to the hospital and released without arrest. The doctor only said my blood alcohol was very high. A social worker talked to my husband and said they would be in touch. I have a previous DUI in another state. I know I need serious help and plan on rehab, but what consequences could I face both criminally and with CPS. Why haven’t I heard from anyone. How do I find a lawyer to take care of both aspects?
The "worst case scenario" for a second DUI involving an accident with a minor child in the car is that you can go to...
Can my renewal of my cosmetology license be denied if I have had a dui and still on probation ?
I need to renew my license so I'm not going to pay for a renewal if I'm going to get denied
You should research the qualifications for the license and see if a recent DUI is cause to deny you the license. You...
I received a DUI in Tennessee can I continue to drive legally in Indiana as long as I have a valid Indiana drivers license?
I am hoping that Indiana will not suspend my license after Tennessee suspends my license for my DUI I currently have a Indiana driver's license now.. I do not know how that works.. will Indiana suspend my license also?
If you license is valid in the state you're driving in, you're legal to drive in that state.