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I got dui in west Virginia ten years ago can I just go get my drive license back or do I still have to take class
not to many details just pulled over sent through All test and got dui
Most likely you will have to take care of any outstanding conditions from the DUI no matter how old it is. You should...
Can you be convicted in the state of WV for public intoxication the officers sited you arrested you and let you go w/o any test?
State officers accompanied a tow truck to a county road where my girl friend swerved to miss a deer and got my car stuck in a ditch. When met by the officers they said they smelled the presence of alcohol on me and asked why I was in the woods when they arrived. I told them there was no bathrooms readily available so I went away from the road to urinate. I slipped on uneven grounding when exiting the woods and they placed me under arrest for public intoxication. They then issued a citation for public intoxication w/o any tests to prove I was above the legal limit for citing and then let me go. On the citation they wrote I admitted to drinking earlier and had trouble standing. Will this hold up in court?
It can. This is why you need to retain counsel.
Arrested for dwi in NC, but a resident of WV?
I was arrested for DWI in NC while on vacation. My driving privileges in NC are revoked for 30 days. If convicted, driving privledges will be suspended for 1 year from conviction date. I have hired an attorney in NC to fight my case, but if convicted my understanding is I'll be treated as if the DWI occurred in WV. If this happens, will I be eligible for interlock after 15 days as in WV, or will this be denied to me because my suspension is for 1 year in NC? This is first offense, Breath test of 0.13, no agrivating factors, and no property damage.
You will probably want to consult an attorney in WV as well, and don't wait until the NC case is done and over with....
Can 2 dui's be cleared from driving record after having interlock box for 2 years?
I had gotten 2 dui's years apart in the same county, the second one involved another driver, the cop charged me with a first offense so I would be able to keep my lisence but when I called wv dmv they said that the dmv charged me with a second offense dui and that it didn't matter what the court charged me with, resulting me having to have the interlock box for 2 years, after the 2 years of having the box in my vehicle I'd like to get my record cleared to be able to get my cdls Is this possible to have done?
It might be possible. At this website,, I...
How long does Arresting Officer have to file DUI with West Virginia DMV?
I was arrested for DUI 7/20/17 and the arresting officer has not filed the statement of arrest as of 7/27/17 with the West Virginia DMV. Is there a time limit for him to do so, and if so what is it. What happens if the officer misses this time period? Thanks.
The statute says within 48 hours. However, our state Supreme Court has perverse that aspect of our dui code with its...
What justifies an arresting officer to come to your home at 4 am a week after an arrest for a MISDEMEANOR traffic violation?
A person was arrested for driving on suspended license for DUI and falsified inspection sticker (this has been taken care of and has valid inspection sticker now). Both charges are misdemeanors. The person was taken to holding center, released on bond. A WEEK later, person wakes to find someone in their drive way, notices the police cruiser parked down the street, all lights are off. Officer was watched for several minutes before making it known that people were awake inside the home. Officer was looking inside and around outside of vehicle, he even leaned up against the side of the vehicle leaving his palm print on the vehicle from the dew as if he was checking the inspection sticker on the window....(again, CURRENTLY VALID AND LEGAL). Once the light/tv came on in the livingroom the officer was seen running back to his cruiser and quickly turning off the dome light after entering. When the front door was opened the officer sped off down the street with all lights off on vehicle. The arrest was 8 days ago. There was no conflict during arrest. The person was honest and cooperative. Why would this officer be doing this and what can I do about it?
Contact your local police station and let them know.
If you enter and pass a pretrial diversion program for a DUI do you then have to admit to it later?
I was in WV and got my first offense for a DUI. I entered a pretrial DUI diversion program and I passed the program completely. Do I have to admit to future employers about the DUI? Or since I passed the diversion program is it not something I have to admit?
In theory, one year from your dismissal date, and once the presiding Magistrate has signed off on your record...