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2 DUI's DV and BE in Wa state-what will be the punishment be?
I have 2 DUI's and I have a letter from the supposed victim stating I did not break and enter and there was no domestic violence.I have a clean history. I went through alcohol assessment through a state program on my own accord and was in a treatment facility and completed the program.I now have my own place to live and am on unemployment currently looking for work. I lost my car over this.What would my punishment be? My license was punched.
What are your current charges? Any DUI? Are you charged with or have you been arrested for a BE? That is a felony...
What will my punishment be for this DUI?
In Arizona I was arrested last May for theft of vodka. Then a week later I was arrested again for being loud in a hospital while drunk, disorderly conduct. I went to my court date and they slapped me with a bunch of fines and gave me 7 days in jail.... Now I am in the state of Washington and just the other day I was arrested for a DUI (paperwork says physical control).. My court date is now Feb 4th for the DUI, will I be looking at months in jail? Or will I be slapped with fines?
I assume this is the same inquiry you posted a couple of times earlier today. A review of those responses should...
Son age 20 now, would like to move his requirements from Washington State to Oregon State.
Son got DUI at 17. After turning 18, he had a court appearance. It was decided that he had to pay his fine, check in with a parole officer, go before a victims panel, even though the victim was the friends dog that he swerved to miss, and do Outpatient Treatment. The DUI was actually for pot. Now he would like to transfer all of this to Oregon from Washington. Can he do that?
You will have to ask the parole officer about entering into an "interstate agreement." Through this agreement, the...
What punishment am I looking at for this DUI?
I went to jail for 7 days for disorderly conduct, due to alcohil- being disruptive in a hospital. Then I got arrested for stealing vodka, it has been 7 months. I have not taken care of the previous fines and I have a failure to appear for the theft... I now got charged with a DUI the other day and and I have a court date of Feb 4th. On my paper work it says physical control, but judge called it DUI... Will I spend months in jail for this?
It is impossible for us to answer this. It depends on the court, the prosecutor, the judge, the facts of this offense,...
Is it safe for me to remove my ignition interlock since the courts don't require it?
I recieved a dui in early December it doesn't show on my driving record and my license is still clear. I never received a letter from the dol for suspension. The criminal courts defered the charge. I've called two dol offices one said my license was clear with nothing coming up for suspension the other said my license was clear but wouldn't give me more info.
If the IID requirement is not on your driving record, and the criminal case is 'resolved', then it should be fine to...
Charged with a DUI and parents want to write letters to the court saying I should be locked up?
I am pregnant so my parents want to call the court saying I have had prior alcohol misuse. I had a disorderly conduct charge in AZ 9 months ago. If they write letters will the judge put that into consideration when it comes to my sentencing?
Although I am not licensed to practice in WA, most states and most judges do take into account information outside of...
What are the repercussions of a first time DUI?
I was arrested on a DUI charge, the paperwork said "physical control" because the polic officers did not see me driving my vehicle, but I got stuck in a ditch. The judge released me the next day, because I had no prior criminal history, but in the state of AZ last year I had disorderly conduct and theft. Do they not look at charges from other states? I have a court date Feb 4th, what is the punishment I am most likely looking at?
A first offense DUI has a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine: neither of these will ever...