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Theft under 500. Only have had DUI and driving without license in past. Can I get jail time
Pawned someone elses weedeater
It really depends on how they do things in your neck of the woods. This is punishable up to 11 months and 29 days....
Can a lawyer ask a client to pay more money during court?
Individual was in court for DUI, a lawyer had already been hired and paid in full ($1500). Lawyer claims he did not know all the "details" of the case and tells individual in the middle of his court representation that he now owes him an additional $500. An agreement was never signed between the lawyer and individual BUT individual does have all text messages showing where lawyer agreed to represent individual for $1500.
If you believe your attorney did not properly represent you or he breached a contract to represent you, you should...
I got a dui
I got a DUI I ran into a car in a parking lot we drove to the next store and park the cars I walked into the store when I had came out there were police officers the gave me a sobriety test I would say I did OK on walk the line and I failed the standing on one foot it was really cold out side they arrested me for DUI and took my blood what should I do about my situation
You should get a DUI lawyer. If an accident was involved, you will probably spend ten days in jail if convicted and be...
What happens if I move to Chicago with a pending DUI charge to Chicago?
I was arrested under suspicion of a dui on 1/1/15. The case has been continued two times because the arresting officer failed to show up and the judge didn't want to dismiss. He then set another court date out in October. I'm moving to Chicago the beginning of May. What happens if I do get charged and I'm a resident of Chicago in terms of consequences? The DA won't budge or accept a plea bargain for wreckless driving so I can get this over with before I move. He's young and on a power trip so maybe I'll have luck with the new DA in October. Either way I'd like to prepare for the worst, any insight to how this will play out is very much appreciated.
I am not licensed in TN, but in CA, where I am licensed, an attorney can represent you without having you present in...
Help needed on DUI and false statements. I am more concerned about my false statements than my DUI. Please help me.
1. Written report of accident 2. DUI, reckless driving 3. False reports(, I started telling stories like ‘car might have been stolen’, ‘I am not the one who crashed car’ etc. ) My questions are, 1. Is it typical for cops to charge under many charges like above 2. Does judge typically sentence me on DUI or all of the above 3. I don’t think cops told me about mirandize. Can cops still use whatever I told? Do they typically have video recorded? As far as I know, it didn’t look like they recorded anything 4. My bail was 800$ and I don’t have incidents earlier. Based on these facts, what would be typical punishment(I am in TN)? 5. Regarding property(a bank) damage, bank hasn’t contacted anyone yet. is that okay if I wait for someone to raise about it or should I have to contact bank/police?
Providing a false police report to an officer is a felony in TN. A DUI is a Class A misdemeanor but carries mandatory...
What Will Happen To Me If I Get Caught Driving While My License Suspended for A Dui In Tennesse
I'm On 11/29 probation!! I Get Off Probabtion In September
I am not licensed to practice law in Tennessee, but in California, where I am licensed, this conduct is penalized with...
Was arrested for DUI/VOIC in Jan. 2015, I had 2 dui's in 1987. Will this be considered a first offense?
Not charged with any other violation, car was parked and inoperable in a parking lot.
It may be in your best interest to consult with an attorney in person. Use Avvo's Find a Lawyer feature to find a...