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Kingston Springs Crime

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  • Ashley Johnson

    Friday Jul 29 | via WKRN 

    Authorities are searching for an attempted rape suspect after a woman was spared from the assault in Kingston Springs earlier this week. The Cheatham County Sheriff's Office reported the woman broke free from the suspect on Craggie Hope Road.


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Kingston Springs Law

Can a lawyer ask a client to pay more money during court?
Individual was in court for DUI, a lawyer had already been hired and paid in full ($1500). Lawyer claims he did not know all the "details" of the case and tells individual in the middle of his court representation that he now owes him an additional $500. An agreement was never signed between the lawyer and individual BUT individual does have all text messages showing where lawyer agreed to represent individual for $1500.
If you believe your attorney did not properly represent you or he breached a contract to represent you, you should...
I got charged with dui in tennessee but I passed the breathalyzer can I appeal
On the evening in question I was pulled over for no seatbelt. I had open containers in the backseat. I was taken to jail, where I passed a breathalyzer with a .06 BAC. A marijuana cigarette paper, was found in my vehicle. No other drugs or paraphernalia was found. I was charged with a DWI for driving under the influence of marijuana. I was never drug tested, and no blood was taken. I was found guilty because I did not come to court while I was incarcerated in another county.
It depends on when and how your case was tried. Typically, a bench warrant for failing to appear would be issued for...
I got a dui
I got a DUI I ran into a car in a parking lot we drove to the next store and park the cars I walked into the store when I had came out there were police officers the gave me a sobriety test I would say I did OK on walk the line and I failed the standing on one foot it was really cold out side they arrested me for DUI and took my blood what should I do about my situation
You should get a DUI lawyer. If an accident was involved, you will probably spend ten days in jail if convicted and be...
I was arrested when I was pulled over and adjusting my gps. The officer pulled beside to see if I needed help and smelled alcoho
I felled my sobriety test then I blew a 17 at the police station I have neuropathy in my hands and do to chemo what chances do get it reduced to reckless op. this occurred in tenn. I was there for work I live in Ohio I have no criminal record
It is impossible to evaluate a case based upon just a few sentences posted on a website like this and make a...
How does my ex-wife's dui affect me?
My ex-wife got a dui on a vehicle still in my name. Our divorce agreement says I must pay for the financing for 12 months but insurance is never mentioned. Can I cancel insurance on her jeep? She has to get an interlocking device and loses her license for a year.
You do not have to do anything that your divorce paperwork doesn't specifically require you to do. If it doesn't...
Can i get a job at Xerox with a DUI on my record?
I had an interview with Xerox, and they said if my background and drug test checks out, i would start immediately. But i have a DUI on there from 3 years ago, will this charge keep me from getting the job?
This is not really a legal questions, but a business decision by Xerox. They may or may not, but unless the job...
Can I get my license reinstated in TN after an out of state DUI(IN)?
I was convicted of a class C misdemeanor DUI in Indiana with no license suspension. TN suspended my license anyway. Not knowing this. I was arrested for driving on a revoked. I was found not guilty. Is there anyway of getting my license back in TN. Aside from getting a restricted.
One key question here is when you were convicted in Indiana. In the State of TN, a DUI conviction carries with it a...