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DUI charge 75 3802 A1* only.. i kinda know what this is, just looking for more info. Whats the charge?
So, first week in January, driving home from a bar. It was an off night, I, as other suspect as well, think my drink was spiked, not much to prove there but after only 2 mixed drinks, I remember nothing at all and was told I lashed out bad. Bar managed who has known me for 6 years said she has never one time seen me act this way and suspects i was spiked, however, another guy kept bring shots over,again I don't remember this at all. On my way home i was cut off by a small red car hitting a parked car that was in a no parking zone in the street, and this I remember. Cops came, took me to the station and BAC was .18. The charges Im seeing are showing 75 3802 A1* only, no other charge. Driving record and criminal history is CLEAN Im 32 years old. I have never in my life been into any kind of trouble and Im not a heavy drinker at all. The cops were extremely nice to me as I were to them. One officer even stated to me I am not acting as intoxicated as the breath machine said I was. They did not hold me, they charged my phone for me and I called a friend to pick me up.
You may only be charged with one section (general impairment) right now, but they can add charges later. DUI charges...
Can a cop who suspects dui, detain suspect and transport her an hour away to get field sobriety test by a DRE ??
i was in a minor accident outside my house.. a cop arrived and put me in his car and drove me almost an hour away to a state police barrack to have a field sobriety test done... on the ride he coeresed a confession and i believed him because i seen him start recording it when we got in car. but now he claims no recording ever existed.. now im charged with dui highest rate.. because of a confession. facing 1-5 years.. no blood test was taken
The answer is yes. But the real question is whether it will hold up in court. You're going to need an attorney to...
Will I be charged with DUI?
I left a restaurant after having 3 light beers and an IPA. I hit a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road, not very bad but cops were called and needed to file accident report. I admitted to the cop the beverages that I had, he placed me under arrest and then took me to the local hospital for blood to be taken. About half an hour after, the arresting officer took me home, returned my weapons and we ended on a firm handshake. I received my accident report and it reads the prime factor of accident is "other improper driving actions" however, it does say that I had the number of beers I said I had in the officers description. The bac section is also unknown. What can I expect?
There is no definitive answer to your question. It sounds that certainly if the officer wanted to charge you with DUI,...
What will happen with a child endangerment charge?
My mother was driving my child who is 1 and I home and she had begun to show impairment, so I asked her to pull over. We had smoked marijuana earlier in the day, but I am not aware of what my mother had taken right before she started driving. She seemed fine initially but showed significant impairment halfway home. She was pulled over and charged with a DUI. she also had no license come to find out. She did still have marijuana in her car, but I immediately notified the police that it was in the vehicle and handed it over. I just received notification that I am to be in court in a month and that I've been charged with possession and child endangerment. What weight does these charges have on me and what could the repercussions for the child endangerment charge be on my behalf?
If you have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, you are facing serious charges. Depending upon the...
How do I quash an active warrant for a Dui
Just found out I have an active warrant for a dui 3 years ago I didn't know I was charged because when I left the police station they didn't give me paperwork and at the time didn't have an address because I was bouncing around from friend and family's house I was never trying to hide I worked the same job and lived in the same place for 2 years now but a friend just seen my pic saying I have an active warrant and wanna know how to deal with it because I can't afford a lawyer
Hire a criminal defense attorney who can help make arrangements to turn yourself in and explain the circumstances. He...
What does PA docket "inactive" mean in PA..
The defendent had Drug charges and there was suppose to be a hearing a few days ago. The case is marked INACTIVE what does that mean?
It means that there is a warrant out for this individual. They should seek representation immediately.
Arrest warrants for dui from 3 years ago
I just found out I have an active arrest warrant and was wondering if it's a good idea to turn myself in to the court and what's my chance of jail I been working the same job for 2 years and living in the same house I was never hiding from this the night in general someone called and said they seen a car side swipe a parked car when the police arrived I was sitting on the curb and 3 streets away and if convicted can i sue the police station in the next town for pulling me over which I did not have a license wasn't suspended I just never went for it and no insurance the officer gave ticket for driving without a license and let me drive away
Its a better idea to consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney in your area to give you specific advice after reviewing...