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I was arrested for misdemeanor dwi in ulster county. Can i get a plea to a lesser charge? Will i get probation?
I did the breath test and it came out .09. This is my first arrest and first dwi.
Yes, your arrest charge does not control or limit the DA. The DA of Ulster will take into consideration your history,...
DWI caused 3rd party property damage. We filed no claim but are being called to discuss a claim anyway. What should we do next?
My wife had a car accident involving no other persons, but in which 3rd party property was damaged. She was charged with a DWI . At the time we did not notify our insurance carriers---it made no sense to us to file a claim since my wife's conviction was proof positive she was at fault. The car's damage meant we had to take it off the road and we surrendered the plates. We also canceled our insurance policy. I recognize there may have been at least one bad decision made here, but coming up-to-date---our insurers at that time have now contacted us to discuss "your claim" in connection with the accident. As I said, we didn't file a claim so it seems the property owners have contacted our carriers for restitution. I know what the right thing to do is, but what is our legal position?
You should comply fully with a requests by your insurance company in the hope that they will still provide coverage....
Can a probation officer add additional impact panels on to your sentence for a dwi offense
i already completed the dwi impact panel that i was sentenced from the judge for,which was one .My probation officer added another ,is that allowed by law
Probation Officers have wide discretion on what their probationers need to do. If you went to court to fight I suspect...
Getting a dwi when you are parked.
When an officer goes up to a parked car because the driver is sitting in the car leaning against the driver’s door and sees the person is ok after walking up to the car can they continue the encounter by asking dwi questions?
Police officers can always ask questions, certainly if they have reason to believe that criminal activity is afoot....
I had a preliminary hearing August 24 2011 was rord on November 1st due to no indictment is it typical for a da to wait so long
I was pulled over and caught with 1400 in counterfeit currency I have not heard anything from anyone since I filed pro se for my release because of the forty five day thing I am curious if this is typical or is it possible that I am slipping through the cracks should I be calling the county court how will they let me know if I am indicted will the cops just arrests me or will I be gIven a new day to appear in court will they re remand me or will my ror stand I have prior felonies hence why I got no bail in the beginning thanks
There is no such thing as typical as each case is different. There are so many different reasons that could be causing...
My brother who lives in pa was in dutchess county Ny and got a.Dwi what happensif.he comes back to Ny and turns himself in?
My brother got a Dwi in dutchess city Ny ;he lives in pa. He went to.first.hearing but district attorney would not plea bargain so the case was.reschedule and he never showed for hearing it was about six months ago.will he jail?
If he didn't show up to court when he was supposed to then a warrant will have been issued for his arrest. This means...
My lawyer will not make a court date for my DWI that has been going on for 3 years . can I write a letter to the judge?
I have had a conditional license for 3 years waiting on a court date from my lawyer that keeps postponing them and I was wondering if I could write a letter to the judge to try to settle this matter on my own since I do not have the money for another lawyer
Your first step is to ask your lawyer this question. Ask him why it is taking so long and ask if there is any way he...