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Will I be able to get into Kenya and Tanzania with a DWI on my record?
A few days ago I was arrested and charged with a DWI. In about 3 months I will be going to Kenya and Tanzania. Will I be granted a visa and will I be able to get through customs into these two countries? I know the laws are different in each country which is why I am confused on the exact rules for these two. My record is completely clean other than this one incident. Also, if I have a lay over in another country but am staying in the airport, will I have a problem then? My lay over may be in Dubai.
Realistically your case would still be pending in three months. DWI cases routinely take much longer than that. Your...
How long can the court continue my dwi case
4 times now the court has continued my case cause the officer had surgery and they didn't notify me till I got to court from Texas, 10 hour drive and a hotel room twice I had to pay for all theses extra expenses cause they can't even give m e 24 hour notice, they also kept my money after my release from jail never read me my rights and completely lied on arrest report when there is video of it
Delays are great, your lawyer may be able to get it dismissed
Can I take dui online classes in Arkansas
I don't have any way to get to in person classes
Contact the DUI schools to ask if they have online classes. You will probably still have to go in for evaluations....
When you are arrested are you supposed to know the charge or can they charge you at the jail later?
I had an officer pull up on me while in a parking lot accused me of running a stop sign but said I stopped at the intersection. I didn't know if that was possible. Then he asked for license and insurance before I could arrested resisting
If they have probable cause to arrest you they don't have to inform you of what your charges are. And if they get you...
When is it considered harassment from police
I Got stoped and arrested October 2016 got caught with drugs I've been put on probation for it I have not been in any trouble sense but ever sense I was arrested in October of 2016 when they see me with someone the do a traffic stop on them make me get out of the vehicle search me and badger me about when I last done drugs and if I have any on me they they even do it without stopping who I'm with if we're just setting in vecheal they just pull up and do this to me is it legal for them to be able to or is this harassment what can I do
If you are on probation, then the contract you signed as part of your plea agreement likely states that your PO can...
The reinstatement was for 3years so I'm just wondering do I get off on the same date I got on the reinstated time
I mean my 5 years probation period ended October 17,2015 do do I get off on the reinstated time
The specific answer will come from asking your probation officer or Criminal Defense Attorney.
Received dwi suspension paper but no ticket.
I was on my way to work. The night before I had some drinks. I slept for 6hrs. But when I woke I left for work. About 1/4 mile from i lost control of my vehicle and flipped it. A bystander call the local ambulance and took me to the local hospital for care. I told the hospital staff no blood work. They then told me it was just to check for clots or something. And that a officer can't get my blood work unless I consent. So I went to sleep when I woke. I had an accident report on my bed. A day later I was discharged for alcohol intoxication but still no bac level stated. 2wks later I received a dwi suspension paper in the mail with no bac level stated. Never received ticket. What should I do?
The hospital staff was wrong; they can still get your blood from the hospital. And if you're unconscious they can get...