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Can you get a DUI without driving or being arrested?
My car wouldn't start and I was too drunk so I napped for a few hours in the passenger side. When I woke up the car still wouldn't start, and I was pretty drunk still. I called the police for assistance (stupid I know). They came and talked to me, did a breathaluzer (I think), took a look at my license then dropped me off at home without anything else. Can I be charged?
First, you should absolutely talk with a qualified Montgomery County, PA DUI Attorney to go over all of your rights and...
I have been convicted of criminal possession intent to deliver in PA with a New York driver license. Do I hire pa or ny attorney
Pled guilty and did 5 months in jail. At court no mention of driver license suspension was mentioned I guess it automatic in PA with a drug charge. I got a letter from PA saying my privileges were suspended so I filled out the from and sent it in. I got the letter to late to appeal it and my pa lawyer thought it would only effect PA driving privileges anyway. I pled guilty end of February to the drug charge. The letter from PA says they received affidavit in middle of February but the suspension would start until May when they received my letter. My question would be shall I contact a NY or PA lawyer? What would you think the changes would be to get the suspension starting from my conviction in February. My license has been totally clean my whole life and being in jail last 5 months I got lots of things to do to get my life going again it would be hard for me not to drive. NY or PA has never physically taken my actual picture driver license. I was hoping it only effected PA driving but NY sent a letter saying it was suspended. They did not ask me t turn in my actual ID and there was no date starting on the letter. If they gave me credit I would only be 1 more month of no driving.
It sounds like you need a NY lawyer to handle the drivers license issue because it is the state where you are licensed....
What do I expect from a first time DUI ?
I got into an accident on my way back from a concert where I had two beers. I was overcompensating for a turn and hit the kerb and the front wheel broke out. I immediately called the insurance company to alert them on the vehicle. Another passerby (a fireman) stopped and called 911 to report the case. State troopers came and performed a field sobriety test and I faltered on my toe to toe walk. They then took a breathalyzer and took me to a hospital for a blood test. They then took me to the station for processing and let me go with my room mate. I am working here on a student visa and am very concerned about the implications this will have. I have no priors or any records. I just had a parking ticket once. The police told me about a ADR program in PA. Any advice on what to do?
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
Can a person travel out of USA with a DUI conviction/pending case?
I have a court date for AUG 2012. I was arrested for DUI May, and have plans to go India, for personal reasons.. Will I get in any kind of trouble when coming back to US?
Unless your bail conditions prevent leaving the Commonwealth or Country there should not be an issue with traveling...
Questions on my first DUI in PA
My car was stuck right outside a parking lot. I tried to back up a few times but in vain. After about 6-10 minutes cops showed up and tested me. This happened in Chester county in Pennsylvania. They took me for blood test and then kept me in the cell for an hour. After that they dropped me home. Depending on the blood test result this may be my first DUI. No one was injured and no damage to the car. 1. I have a family with two kids below 5. Can't afford to loose my license 2. Can this affect my employment? My job does not require driving. 3. I have no criminal record before this... Do I have a chance of just getting a warning? 4. How much does the ARD program cost? What is the time commitment? 5. When can I file for expungement Thanks for your help.
First and foremost, it is unlikely that you will receive a warning or any slack from law enforcement if they determine...
My first DUI will I do jail time and get my license suspended. Please advice.
i had few drinks 2 hours prior to driving.
If this is truly your first DUI and you didn't have an accident where someone got hurt, you will not likely have any...
What are the consequences of being high and drunk in public?
I left a party and I had no way of getting home because my phone stopped working. At this party I smoked and drank a little bit but I was definitely in control of my behavior. However since I was lost I had no choice but to find the police. My father picked me up and the officer said I had a citation for smoking pot. He also gave me a breathalyzer but he never told me the number and never did further test. I want to know what are the possible consequences and the best way to handle this situation
It sounds as if you were on foot, and if you are not operating a motor vehicle there is no DUI implication. However, if...