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Do probation officers have to show you results or your drug screen when they say it is positive and want you to admit to using
I went for my by weekly drug screen yesterday and to see my probation Officer I have not used a drug since i was prescribed one in early September I have not failed a drug screen since i got out of rehab and a half way house July first and my Probation officer said i failed and that if i did not admit to it i would go to jail. So out of fear i said i took vicaden just so i would not go to jail then i asked to see the positive drug test result and he would not show it to me.My older brother who hates me and who is always failing drug screens and going to jail talked to my po yesterday as he was there to see his.He told my po that i had overdosed and been using regularly so basiclly my po is talking to my brother and taking the info from him and putting towards threating me is this a conflict of intrest as my brother and I had the same probation officer untill I asked to be switched cause I knew a situation like this would occur cause my brother loves to steer the spot light off of him and on to other people like he failed his urine test and made a deal to tell on myself and other people for using when i myself have not been also he is calling my out patient treatment place
No they do not. Sorry you confessed to something you did not do.
How often is probation for a juvenile DUI?
If your BAC was in the "High Tier" and you are a juvenile who is not eligible for a consent decree or ARD, what is the expected probation time expected?
If a chemical test determines that a driver under 21 has a blood alcohol content BAC of .02% or higher, the driver can...
When you fail a drug screen once or twice in the state of pa what are the guidelines for your jail term?
My husband just got out of jail on 7/2/16 after serving six months and he failed to report as well as leaving a dirty drug test now on his paperwork it doesn't state that he even failed a drug test only that he did not report so I was just wondering how much time he could get.
If you fail the UA, a number of things could happen. I will list them in order of increasing severity: 1) Your PO...
How long to expunge dui? I know that finger printing makes it impossible to totally expunge but do the ither offenses with it go
Impossible to find a job
The answer will depend on information that you have not provided. Did you do ARD for this DUI? If so, you may be able...
What is a probation officer allowed to look threw and\or do while doing a house check for a dui?
I got a dui and that was a violation of my probation. So now i have a new po and hes going to be doing house checks. My gfs name is on the lease not mine. When my po comes what is he allowed to look threw or do? I live in atglen pa and work in west chester pa.
He is no doubt looking for contraband (alcohol, drugs, weapons). He can check pretty much anywhere. You signed a form...
I got my first DUI in Chester county Pa in September 2015
I did not get the ARD. PROGRAM. I had a misdemeanor in 1985. I didn't use avvo ! I did a breath test in the field later the cop wanted to pull blood and I refused because I gave him the breath test and did not pass it was .09 or .10 I think. So I'm getting a Dui. here is the big one! Penn dot gave me an additional year for a refusal but I did not refuse I also was told that they now need a warrant to pull blood if no accident and no one hurt ? Can we get the extra year off ( maybe sue the cop for false report to Penn dot ;) I am a single dad can I get my ocupational drivers also
If you refused then you refused but yes you may have a decent case but you have now two cases with Penndot and the DUI...
Can my DUI case be dismissed when the state trooper wrote my liscence plates and registration down as PA when they are NY
Can my DUI case be dismissed when the state trooper wrote my liscence plates and registration down as PA when they are NY. I received my affidavid in the mail today about my DUI case and the officer clearly wroteyou vehicle had PENNSYLVANIA REGISTRATION AND LISCENCE PLATES when my car had NEW YORK liscence plates. Is this room for dismissal in any way?
Doubt it. Its a defect but a minor defect in the complaint is rarely grounds for dismissal. If he cant ID you its an...