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I completed my VASAP course but after failing my first drug screen I was sentenced to 12 SA classes. I missed 3 and received a letter saying I was non-compliant due to that. 2 days ago I was carjacked and beaten severely, when questioned by the police I was honest and told them I had 3 beers and should not have been driving at that time. My car was recovered no more than 2 miles from where I was carjacked, it had been wrecked. I was served in the hospital by a state trooper with a ticket for driving while suspended and that was it. Although, he clearly made it known to me he did not believe I was carjacked and that I simply wrecked my car, even though I was picked up by a motorist and asked them to take me to the police station immediately. I am retaining an attorney but need some info now
I would love to help, but you have not asked any queations. I believe it is wise for yiu to retain an experienced,...
My friend is on probation for a domestic offense and she just got a DUI. What would keep her out of jail? Or is it pretty for sure she will do jail time?
There are no guarantees, but she would have a better chance with a lawyer.
All fines were paid, courses attended, and suspensions imposed were served. Is there a limit on when I could have to do something different with this? Is there a statute of limitations for them revisiting it? I have never even as much as gotten a parking ticket since then and it would be a relief to know it can't haunt me over 7 years later.
I think this is really a question you need to put to a Mississippi lawyer. I would suggest contacting the one who...
The judge did not order any programs such as asap. Also this was three dui in 10 years.
First, the answer to this question would involve more facts than are currently in the prompt. Second, the answer to...
On probation an had words with an off duty police officer. The next day they arrested me for assult by the time I got to the police station i was charged with reckless driving the night before
You can be charged with a crime as long as there is a basis for the charge. It doesn't matter if it is the next day.
I was convicted of third DUI felony last year in Henrico, VA. I served jail time. Currently paying court fees/fines. I am not illegible to petition for a restricted until 3 years have passed after my conviction. I understand that I need to not get any more convictions for my benefit. When I am eligible-is a lawyer needed?
You may petition in the Circuit Court for your county (or city) of residence at the end of the three year loss. You do...
I was giving 36 months restricted eitj interlock I did it and may 2013 I got it all done. Now I still live in Virgina. I am engineer and I would like to move out of this state. I did what they say and now I'm still fighting job opportunities here. Can I move away from this state and function better. Are there any other states that fit me right. Virginia is alcohol state it owns alcohol and its unforgiving to those who play by the rule. You can say what you want to say but I always say if someone paid the price they deserve fresh start. My driver records is good now. The justice system is so wacky . Why do people that do their time can just be left alone. I bet people are so selfishe they will let 50% the population not to be able to get a job and move on instead they want them suffer?
I wish you the best of luck but you are not going to get the guidance you want here. This is not the general Assembly.