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Do I need to disclose that I was "arrested" for a DUI in CT on my concealed carry permit application?
I am applying for my concealed carry permit in Connecticut. There is a question on the application pertaining to criminal history, and the questions asks "have you ever been arrested for any crime, in any jurisdiction?" There is a note below stating " you are NOT required to disclose the existence of any arrest, criminal charge or conviction, the records of which have been erased pursuant to CGS 46b-146, 54-76o, or 54-142a." I was arrested for a DUI about 5 years ago, it was my first offense. I took the classes and I believe they said it should have been wiped from my record. How would I find this out? I need to know whether I need to disclose this information and if so I want to properly document it, as after all this is a background check performed by the FBI.
You can get a copy of your criminal history from state police typically
I am applying for the school system in FL. a past dui is coming into play what do I do??
I need to know how to answer the application question...Do you have a petition pending to seal or expunge any criminal offense record? Yes. I have a provisional pardon on a dui case from 2001 in CT. But now I need to answer the disposition of the charge which I don't know how to answer....
More information is needed. What do you mean by "coming in play" is it showing on your record? How is it showing up?...
What is statute of limitations for dwi
Ticketed 2001, Got letter to appear in court 10-5-2011, license was suspended, was restored 2003.
Once you are ticketed, the statute of limitations no longer comes into play.
I never signed my paper saying that i was read and that i understand my rights when i was arrest for DUI. Can my case be dissmis
I got into a accident and went to the hospital. The state police officer came to the hospital about 30 mins later to do a field test on me. then he took a pee test from me and read me my rights. I signed the 2 test bottles, the summons and the bond paper. At no time did I sign the paper saying that I was read my right and that I understand them. Can my case me tossed out.
Not signing the document you are referring to matters greatly for DMV hearings and reinstating your license. Without a...
What is the minimum sentence for violation of probation of a 2nd dui
I am in my 1st mounth of a 2 year probation sentence on my 2nd dui. I got caught driving under suspension witch is a violation of my probation. what is the minimum sentence for this violation.
While I am not licensed in Connecticut, I would suggest you be more concerned with what is the maximum you would be...
Will the DMV give me my license back?
I was incarcerated when the DMV sent my drivers license suspension letters now it's suspended "indefinitely" because I couldn't make the requirements set by them. When I couldn't due to being jailed. I have all of the paperwork showing my dates in jail. Can I show them this, meet the requirements & eventually get it back?
First, while I don't practice in your state, it appears to me that you should be able to get your license back if you...
Who long can they drag out a Dui charge.
I had a motorcycle in May 2016 on ct. Hurt myself only no property damage. I was over the limit I believe. But have not been charged yet. Policed called me in June looking for my ins info to wrap up the investigation. Can they charge me know. ?
Yes so long as they get an arrest warrant for you within one year , unless you have prior DUI convictions , they could...