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Can I still consume alcohol if I'm on CRO for a DUI?
Got a DUI and put on CRO. I'm curious if I consume alcohol if that'll violate my probation.
You need to read your probation paper. However, I am pretty certain they will say that you cannot consume and alcohol...
If an Alabama court orders a CRO for my DUI, but I am living in California, what do I do?
I got my only DUI in Alabama while staying there for a short while and my court date is 4/18. I have already returned home to California, and I have been told I will probably be ordered to do "color code" testing regulary for 6 months. What will I do? I can't live there for 6 months, and lose my job in California. Help!
Hire an attorney and have them work it out.
Will they drug test me on the day of my court if i got arrested for dui marijuana? I'm clean but I'm wondering what to expect.
Got arrested for dui marijuana and I'm wondering if they'll drug test me on the day of court or a few days after? They didn't do a blood test when I got arrested. Found nothing on me.
It is always possible that a trial court in a DUI or drug case may order an "on the spot" drug test. That is a...
What should I do if I have a warrant for being in contempt of court for non compliance with my dui for removing my interlock?
I was convicted of a first offense dui and refused to blow. I completed all of my cro classes and got the interlock installed. However after 9 months I got it removed because my license was never suspended. I have my certificate of completion from my cro officer for my classes and all receipts where I paid for interlock for nine months but recently found out I had a warrant out for violating my cro. They said it was showing my interlock was on lockout since nov of 15. I went to the department of transportation several times and they said I couldn't get the interlock license until they were suspended and they never were. Can the judge dismiss this?
The judge has virtually unlimited discretion in determining sanctions for violations. Contact your lawyer immediately...
How can I get a misdemeanor DUI/Traffic ticket date moved ahead couple weeks?
I found the lawyer I would like to use for these offenses, but had a financial situation come up. I need to buy some time to get The rest of the cash up.
You should ask your new lawyer this question. He can petition the court for a continuance. Also, ask your attorney if...
How long would 4 or 5 beers be dectectable in a urine screen?
i drank 4 or 5 beers saturday evening my last beer was gone by 8:30pm i was given a urine screen around 2:30pm monday
It can vary depending on the type of beer, your weight, activities and anything else consumed.
Can a DUI case get continued to the point where it has to be dropped? or is that false?
I was arrested in November 2012 for a DUI and my case has been continued four times and still hasn't been settled.
False - in most instances. There is a concept in criminal procedure that employs the term "speedy trial" to determine...