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Can I be convicted in Alabama of a DUI if my BAL was zero and my blood test for drugs was deemed "Not Applicable".
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I bumped into the rear of a car at a stop light. When the police arrived they gave me a field sobriety test . At one point in the test I lost my balance slightly.
Of course you can. If a lack of test results was all it took to avoid conviction, everyone would simply refuse testing.
How can I get a misdemeanor DUI/Traffic ticket date moved ahead couple weeks?
I found the lawyer I would like to use for these offenses, but had a financial situation come up. I need to buy some time to get The rest of the cash up.
You should ask your new lawyer this question. He can petition the court for a continuance. Also, ask your attorney if...
How long would 4 or 5 beers be dectectable in a urine screen?
i drank 4 or 5 beers saturday evening my last beer was gone by 8:30pm i was given a urine screen around 2:30pm monday
It can vary depending on the type of beer, your weight, activities and anything else consumed.
Can a DUI case get continued to the point where it has to be dropped? or is that false?
I was arrested in November 2012 for a DUI and my case has been continued four times and still hasn't been settled.
False - in most instances. There is a concept in criminal procedure that employs the term "speedy trial" to determine...
I got a dui in illinois several years ago .i now reside in alabama i paid all fines and everything what do i do now.
I paid almost two grand in fines did 100 hours of community service and took a alcohol evaluation and passed my classes what do i do now?
If you were convicted, your privileges in Illinois are revoked. Alabama will not issue you a license until you clear up...
If the Alabama Department of Public Safety chose not to suspend my license, will that decision help me in court for my DUI?
I got a DUI about a month ago and my license was taken away. I received my letter from Public Safety and it said that they chose not to suspend my license because the notice/affidavit sent to them was insufficient. My license was taped to the back of this letter so I now have it back.
Probably not. Call an speak to an experienced DUI attorney in your area.
1st offense DUI, TWO court dates, indigent.
Local attorney said $3500 and it goes away. I am indigent and terrified of my court dates, the first of which is in 10 days. Next, I face criminal court in January, although I do not know what was found in the car because I don't have a lawyer. What do I do?
Sell something. Borrow money. Get a second job. Get the representation you need. You can't afford all of the crap...