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Can the DMV amend a revocation order already run its full term and/or adjust a possible upcoming one based on the following?
2 DUI offense;01/2010 & 7/2010 Convicted of 7/2010 in 08/2012; Revocation order has run full term(1 year) 2012-2013; Now late 2014, 01/2010 offense is back in court. Assuming I get convicted of 01/2010 based on G.S. 20-19 (c1) they would revoke my license for 1 year based on no PRIOR convictions 3 years immediately proceeding the date of the offense. Question 1: Are the allowed to modify that revocation order to 4 years based on a conviction AFTER the date of the offense? Now, I am aware of G.S. 20-19 (j) that allows issuing amended revocation orders because this exact issue. My opinion and understanding after reading it is they may amend previous orders(my 2012 order) but still must follow statute guidelines with this possible upcoming one being 1 year not 4 years. Am I right?
GREAT question but too complex for short response. An experienced attorney will need to ask questions and take a look...
I just got a DUI charge. At first I blew a .08 then when I went to the station I blew a .12. what am I facing?
I have never had any criminal charges and only about 2 or 3 driving tickets. I didn't think at the time I was impaired. I was curious why I wasn't released when I blew the legal limit. I am 33 years old and am unfamiliar with the legal system. I know I need a public attorney but is there any chance of a prayer judgement or getting it plee bargained out? what do I face in the way of punishment? my court date is 2 months away and am worried and need advice as to what I should do
You cant get a PJC for a DWI. and if you blew a .08 at the scene but a .12 at the station, the .12 is the only number...
What happens if i dont get my alcohol assessment done before i get my drivers license back
my license was revoked a couple years back, however i will be able to get it back in the coming months, or i would be if i had gotten my assessment done, what i want to know is if i will be punished further for not having my assessment done or if i will be able to get my license back after i have my assessment done, whenever that may be
You won't be getting your license back unlessanduntil you get your assessment AND comply with all treatment...
Can I get off probation early?
I got 18 months probation from DUI. Already finished 9 months and fees been paid in full. Also done everything what judge's orders, how can I get off probation early?
Ask your attorney. There may be facts of your case that would cause the court not to grant a request. This assumes the...
Best way to handle the FTA on an old DWI charge?
Sep 2008 I was charged with DWI. I blew a .10 and bonded out. 1st appearance, I req a cont to hire an attorney. My attorney req'd 2 more cont'es just to give me more time with my DL. Then, when the court got backed up & continued my case to an indefinite date. in Oct 2010, I was convicted of a DUI in another county (as 1st offense). Fines, 1 yr license revoc, and comply with alcohol assessment. Then my 1st case was called in Jan 2011, right after I had thought my docket had been lost or somehow I slipped through the cracks. I had moved to No Va, where I didn't need a license and there was no way I could get back for court in NC. Bench Warrant. Now I could get my DL back in a few days, but I want to resolve the warrant and case. What advice would you give me? What penalties to expect?
Ok the first thing you want to do is confirm the warrant is active. Call the jurisdiction where it was issued and ask...
In North Carolina what is the penalty for failing to surrender a decedent's will to probate court?
Also, what is the time frame for the executor to settle the estate and file federal estate tax return.
You posted this in the Driving While Intoxicated section.
North Carolina - Underage Alcohol Possession?
While at the beach, my 18-year old was issued a citation for underage possession/consumption (beer was found in their hotel room): G.S. 18B-302(B)(1). The officer said this was similar to a traffic ticket: just pay the ~$100 fine. Is this correct? Is there a way to pay the fine without returning for court? We live in Virginia.
No, that is wrong. This is a misdemeanor crime. It will show up on your son's criminal record. In North Carolina,...