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I have a felony DUI conviction in MA, I now live in WI. Is it legal for me to own / possess Black powder firearms.
..Muzzle loaders and cap & ball Revolvers?
No. Black Powder arms meet the definition of a firearm under WI law, and WI law makes possession of a firearm by a...
Can you still get charged with a dui if you refused a breathalyzer test and the cop didn't mirandize you?
in the state of MN.
Yes. Refusing a breath test may actually work against you (especially when it comes to your drivers license.). Miranda...
Can I fight my OWI charge?
Hi I have just recently got an OWI. I was pulled over in front of my house then taken to the hospital to do the field sobriety test. Afterwards they took my blood. Is there any way to fight this seeing as they drove me to hospital because it was too cold outside to do the field sobriety test? Also on my OWI ticket where it states appearance required it is checked no. But I also have a signed paper that says I understand I must appear in court. Could I do anything with this to help my chances?
No lawyer can offer an intelligent opinion as to how you should defend your case without discussing the case with you....
Could the fact that I was at a bar being served get my owi dropped? I'm 20 and was served underage.
Was found behind the wheel sleeping with the car running. I was arrested for owi at around 5am. I was at a bar till close and then when I realized I shouldn't be driving I pulled over and went to sleep. It was cold so I left the car running. Stupid of me to do any of this but I just need to know if the fact that I'm under 21 can help me
Not in the slightest. Stop posting details on line, and contact an experienced OWI defense attorney today....
My son, will be 21 in Spet recently recd first underage drinking at a party police chose only some kids to ticket. Is this lega
The party was out of control with over 50 people and two people were injured, my son was not involved in this incident. Also, they spelled my sons name incorrect on ticket, did not have his ID. Could we fight the ticked
Yes you can fight the ticket, you can always plead not guilty but that doesn't sound like a good idead in your...
Is an sr22 required in Wisconsin for a first offense alcohol related revokation
My son recently had his license revoked for 6 months for a PAC violation. This was his first offense. At the WI DOT website it says that a sr22 is not required to get a license back after a first offense. However, when looking up his eligiblity to get an occupational license, the website says that he needs one. Is this just to get the occupational license? If he just waits until the end of the revokation will he not need one?
You seem to be asking two questions. You can call DOT at 608-266-2261 to get the answer to your specific case situation....
I was recently assulted crushing my skull and causing subdermal hemotoma and the hospital told me i was just a drunk
they did ct scan saying your fine we made a appointment three days from now to see a speialist, and just pressured me into entering a alcohol inpatient facility wich i declinded, they called me in the next day saying someone found something get back in, so they did another ct and said your fine once again go home, later that night i started going bad and went back in on my own cause i knew something was wrong they once again stared pressuring me to enter treatment facility for alcholol and i sat there for over two hours again, finally i said take me somewhere else so they ambul me to another hosp where the brain surgeon said he is dying we need to open his skull now and he still will prolly die, he was wondering why they didnt fly me there immediatly. can i go after first hospital for this
I am assuming you'd like to know whether you have a possible medical negligence claim against the ER personnel that...