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I am 43 years old and just completed by IDRC for my 2nd DUI in NJ. However, my first DUI offense was over 20 years ago.
I was automatically recommended for an ASSESSMENT based solely on the fact that this is my 2nd DUI . Do they have the right to recommend me to an assessment for a possible 12 week program based on something that happened 20 years ago? Shouldn't this be treated as a first offense? Extra info - in the past 20 years I have a spotless clean driving record and no other arrests.
It likely was sentenced as a first offense because of the ten year stepdown but it is still a 2nd offense. The IDRC is...
Error on police report
I was stopped for a DUI and the case has been adjourned 3 times. While there are other issues that is feel is bogus about the stop, the most important thing I think is that there is a huge error on the police report narrative. There is a paragraph about a completely different person's stop. The prosecutor was not impressed with this defense. Also, I was taken to one police station only to find out their breathalyzer wasn't working so I was taken to another police station. Also, the description of my balance and blood shot eyes was never acknowledge for the fact that I was on 4 different medications for depression and anxiety. Should I fight or give in because the prosecutor isn't budging.
There are times that seeking the advice of legal counsel is a good thing to do, for example, if you are not familiar...
I got my license suspended when I was 16 for 180 days. Is it 180 days from my court date? Or 180 days from my birthday?
I got a 500 dollar fine and my license suspended for 180 days.
You get it back 180 days after the court date IF you pay all fines, and pay the restoration fee to NJ MVC and they tell...
Probation says I can not consume Alcohol.
My case had nothing to do with Alcohol or Drugs. The Judge informed me I would have to take Drug testing. but no mention of Alcohol testing. The papers the Judge gave me in court had Drug testing checked off but Alcohol was not checked off. I failed a Urine test for consumption of Alcohol. Now Probation wants me to take Alcohol class. I don't think it's fair I can not drink Alcohol for the next 3 years. Is there anything I can do to have Alcohol consumption approved on my Probation.
Your condition of probation not to drink alcohol is a common one in NJ. This question is best answered by your lawyer...
Traveling to Mexico on PTI in New Jersey allowed?
I have a misdemeanor for getting caught with under 50 grams, it's been about 5-6 months since I have been drug tested and yet still no contact with PO. I never used a lawyer to get on PTI, I was offered it, I also am in the state of NJ. Is there any way I can go to Mexico for one week without approval from my PO? or is that risky? Should I ask my PO before hand, I have documents for my arrival and departure state also with the place i'm staying. It is for my one year anniversary with my girlfriend.
Sounds like you got a conditional discharge rather than PTI, but in either case you need to get permission from you PO...
First time dui. blow one point above and they made me do it two times. I need my job to pay child support can't loose job.
first time dui. blow one point above and they made me do it two times. I need my job to pay child support can't loose job. I have bin working with the company for over 17yrs and sometimes I need to drive to pick up parts. Please help....
You need to contact an attorney who practices DWI matters in your area immediately. You need to provide the attorney...
Can a 19 restriction on a North Carolina license restrict your from transferring your license to another state?
I recently moved to NJ and went to dmv to transfer my license from NC. The lady was at the last stage to do it but when she asked what the restriction was I advised her it was just that I can be fined or be considered over a legal limit at .04 as opposed to .08 but it's a fully valid license its not a provisional one. They had no idea what they were doing because they were at first saying I had an interlock in which I clearly don't being my duo was three years ago. They said they had to call NC and then after two hours said they needed time to resolve it. Now my license expired because no one got back to me. I just wouldn't see how I couldn't Move because of a dui three years ago. Can that restriction 19 really hold you from being able to move and drive?
I have dealt with someone who could not get a license for warrants due to a failure to appear 40 years ago in another state.