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Upon completion of withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . . clearing Washington's driving record listing conviction ?
I am approaching the successful completion of my probation required for my withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . Following that , the case will be dismissed . I'm a resident of Washington , so at the time of the guilty plea the court notified Washington DOL . I plan to have the records expunged in Idaho , but how do I clear my drivers record in Washington ? As it is listed now as " Conviction from Idaho Court " with attached ( 5 yr ) probationary license , ( 3 yr ) SR22 and interlock requirements .
The things you would have to do is contact DOL at 360-902-3900 and talk to a representative about what you would have...
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI?
A traffic infraction doesn't generally violate a DUI probation. However, the answer to your question truly depends on...
Can I do my dui program and probation in California or which state is in charge of the licensing suspension?
Going to be serving jail time for dui in Washington but i live in California
All up to the the court in washington but in general yes.
What will my punishment be for this DUI?
In Arizona I was arrested last May for theft of vodka. Then a week later I was arrested again for being loud in a hospital while drunk, disorderly conduct. I went to my court date and they slapped me with a bunch of fines and gave me 7 days in jail.... Now I am in the state of Washington and just the other day I was arrested for a DUI (paperwork says physical control).. My court date is now Feb 4th for the DUI, will I be looking at months in jail? Or will I be slapped with fines?
I assume this is the same inquiry you posted a couple of times earlier today. A review of those responses should...
Length of DUI classes. Transfer from Colorado.
While in Colorado I was convicted of DWAI. I have priors. Colorado has a lifetime lookback so priors from 12 and 15 years ago count for both sentencing and for DUI class length. If I can move back to Washington how long can I expect DUI classes to be? My BAC was 0.09. Also will I be able to transfer the 6 months of classes I already took in Colorado?
Why have you posted this six, or was it seven times? Once was more than enough. Moving before you have your license...
DUI charge and fines, can she still be released from jail?
My sister got charged with a DUI, it got dropped to negligent driving if she would take her court ordered DUI classes. She never went to those classes and missed all her court dates for this charge along with other ones. She got picked up by the police and is now serving 38 days for the DUI. It says she has a fine of $1,145, does she have to pay this fine before she can be released after her 38 days? She has that fine a long with thousand of dollars of other fines for driving while suspended and no insurance and I want to make sure she will still be released after her 38 days or if I need to hurry up and try to find a way to get this money for her. THANK YOU!
Hello. The court will not keep your sister in jail because she has unpaid fines. Was the 38 days imposed as a sanction...
What can my I argue as a defense in DUI involving Ambien?
About a few weeks ago, I took one Ambien pill to fall asleep while house sitting for my sister who was out of town. Next thing I know an officer gives me a roadside sobriety test and arrested me. He didn't rad me my Miranda rights from what I can recall, got my blood vials now. This is my first DUI offense, legally prescribed Ambien, no alcohol that night. What defenses could I use? Could it be possibly plea bargained down or should it go trial?
Speak with a local attorney. Impairment is not only caused by alcohol. Driving under the influence of Ambien can...