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Will I be charged with a second dwi, my first was just over 10years ago
Cops did not see me drive too farm, was not near truck or have the keys in my posention,apon arival I took 7 shots of jagermister. Cops came with in 10min and made me do all the tests. I was not buzzed or drunk when I drove and I blew a .14. Could this be residual alcohol of the mouth and throat causing it too be so high?
If you really consumed that much alcohol after driving you might have a really good defense. Did you tell the cops...
What happens when you only have a work permit and you get caught driving other than work in Minnesota?
This was a first offense. Do you lose your license totally or just pay a fine?
Driving in violation could result in revocation of the work permit. It's possible you could still apply for the...
Can I beat this dwi case I am a nurse and could lose my nursing license.
I brought someone police station because they were freaking out in the my car. The officer asked me to get out of my car so I did and wanted me to go insides so I did. I was having a panic attack and he assumed I was under the influence of drugs. I explained to him I was not and I was shaking and crying I was freaked out by the events that happened in my vehicle. He submitted me to sobriety test and I tried to take but again I was shaking I ask if he could give me a few minutes to get it together and still shaken by the events I was not ready so he placed me under arrest and I demanded a blood test. All that came back in my system was my prescribed medication and a small trace amount of ativan I have no prescription for that. I have 2 accounts of dwi and I just don't know what to do.
It's impossible to answer your question without knowing a lot more about your case. You need to get an attorney...
Dui amended a careless
I recently plead to a careless after originally being charge with a dui for having thc in my blood however I Denied being high or using drugs All together and I was also in custody when I made the deal is there anyway I can appeal it
From the facts given, there is no way to say with any specificity whether or not you can appeal. Whether or not you...
Underage drinking and driving
I had a beer n 3 hours later I got pulled over. I did nothing wrong officer told me to step out of my vehicle cause he smelt alcohol on my breath he gave me a field sobriety test with I passed then he gave me a breathilizer test witch came back 0.00 he insisted I was drunk so he gave me another one witch came back 0.01 then he searched my car n found my weed grinder n some empty bags so he said I was gonna get a paraphernalia ticket n told me to sit in my car. Then I was bout to have a cigarette n he came back n still insisted I was drunk n gave me another test witch cam back 0.00 then he handed me a citation n made me park my car. Never told me y I got pulled over. I was just wondering if there is away I can fight this
Based upon your version of the facts it would seem you have an excellent defense to challenge what appears to be an...
I just got a dui and i was wondering if i can drive to and from work im a single mom so i have a child who goes to daycare
Went to a holloween party got pulled over for a tail light out and i got a dwi
The answer depends on many things. First, it depends on whether it is a first offense or not. Second, it depends on...
Got a dui while walking.
I was walking up the street and ditched 2 cans of beer under a car in front of mine. the cop did not see me drive up, he was going to give me a litering ticket. I slipped up and told him I drove there. so then I was searched and they did not find my keys, cause I did not have them on me. they did not search my car they only looked in the windows and saw 2 more open beer cans in the back seat with a case of beer. I had a breath test and asked for a blood test. I blew a .129. What are the chances the dui will stick?
If the only evidence they have of your driving is your own admission you may be successful in beating a DWI conviction....