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What will happen if I fail my first drug screening after being released from jail on a or..
I was arrested not yet convicted I have to report Tom Kenton county Kentucky pre trial services and do random drug screening until my next court date.
Arrested pre-trial bond revoked or nothing.........................................
Can social services take my children if I tested positive for marijuana on the first drug test?
I live in northern Kentucky. I was recently visited by a social worker named Natalie eshman because of an anonymous call that said I was driving around smoking marijuana. I was randomly drug tested both by blood and urine. I know that it is positive. I don't do it around my children due to the fact that I have joint custody. I do it when I don't have my girls and I don't drive when I do it. I have since quit of course but I need to know if I have a chance to prove that I am not addicted to it and that I can pass any tests from this point on.
This is not a criminal law question. Direct this question to a family law lawyer on AVVO or contact a good family law...
If you failed a Dot Drug text and they said you showed up cocaine and never did drugs
Never did drugs they lost my specimen found it , and I took text on a Saturday did not get results in till Friday the next week I look it up and on most sights say you have 5 days to retake if you believe it was a mistake is that true
No way to know if its true or not ask them whomever you are referring to.
Can a DUI conviction be classified as a criminal drug statute conviction?
My work policy reads "All employees shall notify us of any criminal drug statute conviction no later than five days after the conviction"
Technically, it probably is. I would not construe it that way, though. You may want to talk about this with your DUI...
Arrested first offence DUI i blew .o89 i feel like i passed field sobriety test. What are my chances of beating the charge?
I had large meal before being pulled over. Also i had the officer take me for a blood test.
If you are simply looking for reassurance then coming here and asking a question like that makes some sense. If you are...
Anonymous please...What could happen during a revocation hearing in Kenton county, ky? For failing a urine test on probation.
My boyfriend was arrested for failing a probation urine test. He is on felony probation until 2016 for burglary in the 2nd and poss of a controlled substance in the 1st. He has been in jail for 2 months and is going to court in a week for his revocation hearing. What are the chances of him serving out his time? I believe when he got in trouble he had to wear a bracelet, was on house arrest and went through treatment. I also think this is his 2nd failure of a urine test. He has an attourney through legal aid but I don't think he will see him until his court date. He is not a repeat felony offender and these are the only serious charges he's gotten which I know are bad enough. He is seeing the same judge he saw for the felonies as well. I'm praying he won't have to serve out his time!
The judge could revoke all or part of the original probated sentence based on a violation of the terms of his probation....
I was charged with a DUI when I was 20 years old and plead guilty to dui underage will it fall off one I turn 21?
Was charged as driving under the influence as a minor.
No -- it never falls off. The points you received, however, roll over every year.