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Can I have a pending DUI charge and a violation of a past DUI from three years prior run consecutive jail
I was convicted of a DUI in 2013 , I'm on community supervision for that for five years in January I got another DUI . They are asking 60 days as a violation and 45 for the new DUI. This is my third DUI since 2008. The first was in 2008. The second in 2013 and the current in January 2016 . Can I have the jail terms ran consecutive for the violation and new DUI? The 2013 DUI is in Everett and the new DUI is out of king county in Kent RJC
Yours is a complicated situation. The short answer to your question is probably, yes. The judge will have wide...
Can I have a pending DUI and a prior DUI from three years earlier that I'm on community supervision run concurrent jail sentence
I have two prior DUI one from 2008 one from 2013 that I'm on community supervision for currently and a pending DUI this year in 2016 . They are asking for sixty days on the violation and 45 days on the current . Can I get these charges to run concurrently? And what are my alternative to jail if any. Violations for community supervision state confinement but do not say jail.
The sentences can be run concurrently. This up up to the last sentencing judge. Will this happen? Unlikely on a...
Can I do my classes here in Washington and pay my fines through the mail or will I be forced to handle it in Oklahoma?
I received a d.u.I. in Oklahoma in 2012 or 2013. First offense. I had a class A CDL but I was driving my personal vehicle at the time of the offense. I blew a .20! I spent a month in jail after the arrest. Since then I have not paid on the fines or gone to court or even heard anything on the matter. I now live in washington and I'm wondering am I going to have to return to Oklahoma for these classes or is it something I can do here?
Without knowing specifically what classes are involved I can't say for sure. However, I can tell you a couple things...
If had DUO and got deferred prosecution and got 5 positive UA but no alcohol. What's gonna happen in court kent wa
Judge ordered me to attend program and get tested for drugs. But I fail 5 test my court is July 6 what's gonna happen
It depends on the judge, probation's recommendation, and what information your treatment provider forwarded onto the...
Saturday night I was pulled by WSP for DUI and blew a .16 at best .18 worst so how do I get started?
After watching the fights at a local sports bar. I was driving home when an officer turned on her lights and pulled me over. I was taken out of my car and arrested my truck was towed and impounded. I denied the field sobriety test and blew on arrivel to the staion. I blew a .16 and .18 I just need to know what to do public defender or whats my next step.
Well, you're twice the legal limit. You may qualify for the public defender but you won't know until you appear in...
Can I have a 2 year probation removed from my record?
I was originally arrested for a DUI which later was reduced to a reckless driving. The reckless driving charge came with a 1 day community service and unsupervised probation for 2 years. I successfully completed the 2 year probation. How can I have just the probation period removed from my record?
Contact your lawyer and ask about it.
What will happen if I blow a fail in my interlock during a deferred prosecution?
I am entering 9 months into a deferred prosecution for a DUI (heading down into 1x a month for treatment). I blew a fail 3x into my interlock after work. I probably shouldn't have kept blowing into it but I panicked as it's never happened before. I called Lifesafer and they asked what I ate beforehand and told me to flip the device upside down to get any moisture out. I did that and came back around an hour later and passed. The rep on the phone also said she would flag my account that I was having issues with the device. What could the possible repercussions be for these fails? Will the interlock place even report it? I have never failed a UA/interlock test before this occurence/attended all my treatment classes and sober supports during my deferred prosecution so far.
Sounds like it was not your fault, but a mechanical failure in the machine. Talk to a lawyer if they try to impose...