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What kind of sentencing can I expect for a first time DWI with no prior violations- BAC was a .16?
I just got my first DWI. I wasn't pulled over or anything, I actually went in the ditch because I grabbed for my phone (stupid). I had gotten out of my car to call my boyfriend and look to see if there was damage or anything...that's when the police showed up. I was given the field/sobriety tests, then the breathalyzer. I was placed under arrest. I'm also diabetic. After taking the 2nd breathalyzer at the police station, that being .16 I was told my license would be revoked for 1 year and some other things, which I don't all remember because I was so upset. My blood sugar at the time was 286. I also was taking Prednisone, which raises my blood sugar. Would the diabetes or being on Prednisone have any impact on the BAC reading?? Thanks for any help with this. I'm not knowing what to expect and am not getting any answers from my PD.
It's impossible the say what the consequences could be for the criminal charge. The .16 alcohol concentration makes it...
Can I get a cdl licenses in Minnesota got two dui ten years ago in a car wondering if I can get a license
Two dui ten years ago in a car wondering if I can get a Cdl in Minnesota
You can apply it the lifetime limit for dui offenses for a cdl driver is 2 offenses. As such you may have a lifetime...
What can I expect with my first DUI and how long will my license be revoked?
I was recently arrested on a first time DUI. I blew a 0.26. I am looking at a 3rd degree gross misdemeanor DUI and a 4th degree misdemeanor DUI. The 3rd degree is aggravated due to the high BAC. I have no previous driving record charges, not even a parking ticket. I have a disabled daughter who requires frequent doctors visits. Is there any way to shorten the amount of time my license is suspended to adhere to her needs?
Your license revocation will be for one year and you will be able to drive during that time with the ignition interlock...
Is there anyway i can challenge a plate impoundment?
Six days ago a friend and I got pulled over in my car, he was driving, and he got arrested for a DUI. The officer impounded my plates. I got the 45 temporary pass. But I am curious if there is anyway I can challenge this so I can get regular plates back. They say I will need the whiskey plates for a year. And I researched an administrative review but since I was in the car, I don't believe I can do that. I understand I was in the car and it was my car involved, but I have a clean record. So I don't understand why this should affect me for the next year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Contact a local attorney. Many things can be challenged, but the procedures are complex. Minnesota is surely punitive...
First time dwi probation
22 months of 24 months probation with no violations. But may have failed a urine alcohol test what is common for a first time violation? Like I said pretty much 60 days left of probation. Drank a few beer on Monday night football and had a etg test Thursday afternoon first test i have had the whole 22 months. may have failed. Would like to avoid jail time so I don't loose my job.
What is common for first time violations can vary significantly depending on the judge, prosecutor, probation officer,...
Is it possible to get a DUI conviction expunged in MN?
DUI conviction is blocking me from getting any type of job in my field of expertise.
Blew a .09 in Minnesota. Never had ANY priors of any kind. 27 years old, married w/a kid. Any way of getting this DUI reduced ?
I was pulled over by the cop because he said I was driving to fast on a curve. The cop never said how fast I was going. I was drinking, only had 1 and a half drinks in an hour and a half time frame. At the station I blew a .09. I have never had any DUI before or anything criminal on my record. The cop even said he would put in a good word for me because I was so polite and nice. Under these circumstances is there any way to reduce the charges down to a careless driving ticket and/or prevent my license from being taken away from me for the next 90 days? Any flea bargins would you suggest I try to do? I live in a small town near the town listed, so just the humiliation of being named "the drunk driver" is already the worse thing to ever happen to me and I definitely learned my lesson.
We win DWI cases all the time. It's been my experience, though, that generally I don't know which cases I will...