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How do I know if I was charged with a DUI or not?
I got pulled over tonight because I guess to the officer it looked like I jerked my wheel. Once I was pulled over I had to take tests to see if I was sober and I had to take a breath test. After all that they told me to drive home safe so I left without a ticket or anything.
A single jerk of the wheel is a very weak basis for a vehicle stop. You were not charged with anything. If law...
I have no idea what to expect for a old dui.
What should I expect. When I go to court for a old dui that happen in 2009. I don't think I was still on probation when I got pulled over on 2014. Then I had news for a warrant I had even though I finished the dui program and payed my fines. I have no idea what to expect .
You should speak to the lawyer who represented you in 2009. If you didn't have one or don't like them, get a new one...
DUI as passenger
Can you get a DUI if you are a passenger in the car?
NO, you cannot, unless you were DRIVING the car in some manner.
Can I fight back after dismissed DUI case?
Hi, was charged with a 2nd DUI in California on my driveway, luckily dash camera of near parked car recorded everything. Went with a lawyer, eventually case has been dismissed due to insufficient evidence. (i took a cab home and never drove as recorded on the video) Question, do I have a chance to fight back with Roseville PD to get compensation? it cost me money, stress and many more unpleasant feelings.
Sorry, but no. Being found not guilty of a criminal charge is not the same as being factually innocent, it just means...
Does 10 year look back apply for multiple DUIs
Let's say you get a second DUI within two years and then you get a third one over ten years after the second. Does it count as a first? Or does that only apply if you've had one? California
It would count as a 1st calculating from date of offense to date of new offense. However, the prosecutors and the...
Can a drunken statement be an admission of guilt in a DUI situation? Is a DUI probable without anyone witnessing me drive ?
I was arrested for DUI but there were no witnesses that saw me drive nor did a police officer. I was parked in a parking lot and a security guard saw my vehicle slightly over the curb in a parking stall but didn't see me drive at all. My vehicle was off and my keys were not in the ignition nor was the vehicle running. He came to check on me and thought I was drunk and possibly drinking and driving so he called the cops. The cops asked me to take a field sobriety test and I refused but being on misdemeanor DUI probation I did consent to a breath test. The tests were 6 minutes apart, the first read .11 and the second read .10. I don't recall telling the officer that I was driving at all nor was I. I was drinking in my truck on private Property and intended on going upstairs to my office to sleep. In the officers statement for the DMV hearing he said that I "admitted to driving" but never specified as to when I said I was driving. I don't recall even giving that statement in reference to the time I was actually drinking as I was parked drinking. If I did say I drove it was in reference to earlier. Is this enough to establish I was driving while intoxicated? Probable cause for arrest?
The probable cause to arrest is sufficient based on a reasonable likelihood that you would drive. As to beating the...
Dui mistery refusal.
After almost a year of dui court continuances due to public defender lack of experience and defendant not wanting to accept a wet reckless plea, the DA decided to put a new complaint into the case which is called "A Refusal" after they found out a motion to suppress was going to be filed against that illegally obtained BAC result they were charging a dui for. They claim on a pleading memorandum on the grounds that that BAC number was not an actual result but simply a breathalizer BAC test mistake on the printout before the actual test. Now we are out of luck with that motion to suppress since there is nothing to suppress anymore. The question is can you oppose that new complaint and if you can what is the rule of court deadline to do so? Sorry to ask but this is way too much for a PD to handle.
You need to either stick with your PD or hire a private attorney. We don't have enough information to anser your...