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What can I do to try and get my inter lock taken out early?
I had an inter lock installed in February of 2014 and the DOL told me I had to have it till may 2016. I called them to see if I could have it taken out early and was told to call the court. The court told me my case was closed and that I needed to talk to the DOL. I called them back and they said I had to have it for five years which doesn't make sense since it comes out in May 2016. I feel like no one really knows and no one cares to direct me to someone that does. Do I need to get a lawyer involved or am I just stuck with it till May 2016? I've had 2 DUI's and its been over five years since the last one. I've also had two years of alcohol class's. Please help
Unfortunately the you might be stuck with it for 5 years. If you were required to keep an interlock in your vehicle for...
Need advice on a 7th DUI that I'm being charged with while working on a short job in Washington State, but live in Utah?
I was charged with prior Du I's in Utah, where I live full time but they all have been dropped to misdemeanors due to completing probation successfully. I am now being charged with what would be to some a 7th DUI while working on a job in Washington State. My wife & kids are back in Utah & I have been stuck in WA with a 50,000.00 bond & looking at serving a minimum of 3 yrs in prison because WA considers the misdemeanors in Utah as part of the WA 7 yr. law due to the fact they all were in the last 6 yrs. I have a PD , but have only spoke to him for 3 min. when he handed me the plea papers & we went before the judge. Is there anything I can do so I'm not doing time in a state that i don't live in ? Please any advice would be appreciated Because I'm lost. Thank you
If there is any way for you to obtain the necessary financial wherewithal to retain a good criminal defense / DUI...
Would I be able to waive the ignition interlock after 5 year probationary period in Washington state
When I was 19 years of age in 2011 I was convicted of a DUI in Washington state, I blew .152. Now 22 years old, I have yet to complete the ignition interlock requirement. After the 5 year probationary period, I was hoping I'd be able to waive the ignition interlock requirement, would that at all be possible?
The requirements for the ignition interlock is governed by D.O.L. so contact them and see what and why the requirement...
Can I get the interlock system out early?
It's been over five years since my DUI, I've completed two years of alcohol class's, I am no longer on probation, and I am no longer required to carry SR-22 insurance. It was installed in late January and I was told I have to have it until May 2016. The state is also currently paying for a portion of the cost of having the interlock.
Pursuant to RCW 46.61.5055(5)(a), when you are convicted and sentenced for a DUI, the sentencing judge has the...
I got a dui last night . first dui ever, what shall I exspect
the bac was a .079 when I got to the jail. just under the legal limit. have court at 8 am Tuesday morning
The other major factor, this is your first with a low number, is what was the driving observed by the office (and...
I got a withheld judgment on my DUI in Idaho. It got dismissed after probation but Washington is suspending my license.
I live in Idaho now but got the DUI with my WA license. I found out WA suspended my license as well. They are requiring me to get the SR22 insurance even if I don't need it in Idaho since it got dismissed. I called customer service in WA and asked them if they received the dismissal but they told me they only received the conviction. So I had Idaho send the dismissal to WA. Is that what I was supposed to do or do I need to do something else? My WA license is expired and I don't live there anymore. So I need to get my Idaho license
That was the right move. It doesn't sound like anything is holding up your Idaho license.
If it's my first D.U.I., may I get it differed?
I'm waiting for my court date, which is in two weeks. I only have two speeding tickets within the past two or three years. I got my first D.U.I. on January 7, 2014. Will I have to do any more time? Will my license be suspended? What do I do?
Deferred Prosecution is a treatment based program for people who have at least moderate alcohol dependency. It is a...