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Kennedale Law

I was arrested for a DWI. I wasn't intoxicated. Can I file a suit against the city or the officer for anything? If so, what?
I was in a car accident. A man pulled out of a parking space and I hit him. Cops showed up and I was asked if I had been drinking or on drugs. I said I had a beer or two and was prescribed depression and anxiety medication I had taken the previous day (I only take them when I need them) I was given a sobriety test. I failed (balance isn't my thing and I told her that) I requested twice for a breathalyzer and was denied. Arrested, had my blood drawn. Spent 13 hours or more in jail. Months after bonding out with no word of a court hearing I contact the DA and they had thrown the case out because my BAC was .01 or .02 and I didn't have a trace of drugs in my system. I had an open CPS case which obviously got worse as I had to then do therapy for my "alcohol and drug abuse", the damages to rental car I was driving was paid for out of pocket, I never got my bail back, clearly I already have an issue with anxiety and depression and it made every situation I was dealing with worse. I had to argue to be told why I was being arrested AFTER I was in cuffs and on the way to the station, kept being told "We'll discuss it when we get to the station"..I feel like she was just looking to arrest.
No. By your own admission, you failed the field sobriety tests and admitted to drinking alcohol and also being on a...
Will a DWI conviction affect a person from getting papers?
My brother in law ( Illegal) has been charged with a DWI in Texas and he is married to my sister ( US Citizen), will this be affecting him? No paper work has been done because they are having many doubts, they also have one child if that makes a difference.
This question was mis-labeled as criminal defense. I will re-label it to immigration to elicit better answers. However,...
What are the chances of prison time for the following-I got my third DWI in 3rd different state
Got one DWI in 1994, second in Feb 2014 and the third last week. Second involved an accident but no injury. My family is dependent on me keeping my job which involves travel all over the US and the need to rent and drive cars is mandatory. Does Vermont or Texas offer an occupational license during suspension? How likely is prison and how likely would it be to get the felony reduced?
Yes it's possible to get an occupational in Texas during your DL suspension. Prison time is possible but it's possible...
What's my penalty or whats going to happen when I try to get the interlock out and I've failed a few times in the last year?
I received a 2nd dui while I was on probation. My first probation completed and I was not given jail time or probation again. I did labor detail. My question is, I have an interlock on my car and have failed a few times either from drinking the night before or mouthwash. I'm supposed to be getting it out of my car, well was supposed to be removed on may 15 but license is still not eligible so lawyer said to wait. How is this going to affect me getting this thing out of my car? What penalties might I face? It's been in my car for nearly a year and half now. It was issued by tarrant county in tx.
it would not surprise me if they extended it due to you having positive results. If you have a lawyer talking to you...
Can they use a out of state DUI against me if the conviction if the Conviction gets set aside?
Got charged with 2nd DUI in Texas. Have another one from another state though/ Was booked in for Class A Misdemeanor 2nd DUI, Have another DUI from another state though, will they find out about that out of state conviction and refile as felony. Also this state has a set aside law, like expungement, I just have to pay off some fines and file for it. Would this help shield me from a 3rd if I can get that done? Thanks
If you can get it set aside I would do that as soon as possible, but they may not allow you to do this since you have a...
What happens now? I have no idea. Does something come through the mail? Is there more jail time coming? Should he hire a lawyer?
My husband got a dwi yesterday TX. He was in jail overnight and was bonded out. It was his 1st offense and has no license. (He was actually waiting for his ss card to go get his license for the 1st time.)
He must have an attorney. This is not something he can handle without counsel. If he can afford an attorney, he must...
What are the likely outcomes of DWI while on felony probation?
My brother was arrested a couple years ago for harassment of public servant and assault of public servant, both 3rd degree felonies. Plead guilty and received 5yrs deferred (I think it was deferred, it might've been regular probation). He was arrested for DWI recently. The probation hearing is set, no bond at the moment and he's currently sitting in jail. What are the likely outcomes? Thank you
It really depends on what judge his felonies are with. With some judges, rehab would be a definite possibility. With...