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Can I get my OWI lessened to reckless driving?
The officer followed me for over a mile, from the outskirts of town, through town, and multiple corners, before pulling me over for crossing the center line on a road the doesn't have a painted, distinguished, line. Also, in our town, there is odd and even parking in the winter time. During that night the vehicles were to park on the side of the road in which I was driving, forcing me over, past the middle of the road. Also, there was snow earlier that week and the roads were covered enough that you couldn't see the blacktop. In this, the officer had also found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, which he said he could not charge me with because he illegally searched my car. This is my first offence and since the event the county police officers have been driving past my work and home.
Under WI law, drunk driving charges can't be amended without a finding by the court that it is not against the public...
Is there a way to use behavioral health as a defense against an OWI?
I received an OWI 2nd back in August of 2011. I am trying to get it reduced to reckless driving since I've heard that expungement in Wisconsin is rare. (I'm trying to switch to Active Army from National Guard, and can't with two on my record.) I didn't get in severe trouble with the Army for this offense because I went to behavioral health a week prior asking for help with anger management and depression, which led to a drinking problem. I didn't receive the proper help and a week later got the OWI. Is there a way to use this as a defense since I wasn't in a clear state of mind before I even started drinking? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Only a private criminal defense attorney who knows all of the facts and circumstances will be able to help you. Get one...
I live in oshkosh,wi and would like to get my illinois drivers liscense reinstated .was revoked 30 years ago for dui
is this possible to do from here! and can it be done cheaply,im on dissability dont have much cash
You should probably re-post this question, showing as a location the city where you were convicted. This will have...
3rd dui in WI. Never went to jail, released from the hospital after blood draw. Now what
Drove off the road way, started to walk home. Someone called it in, cops picked me up half mile down the road. Took me to the hospital, did a blood draw and then released me to a responsible party. I never got a ticket and they gave me my licence back. Licence is still valid. Not sure what to do now or what is happening.
The first step is talk to either the attorney that represented you on your second DUI. He will be able to do the...
I have received 4 OWI's in Wisconsin in my life. I recently moved to Illinois and am looking to satisfy Wisconsins requirements
What do I need to do? I received an evaluation in Wisconsin at a Treatment Center but they will not provide me with a copy. I have been told by the DMV that I need a Driver's Safety Plan and Assessment. I am getting the assessment done
You'll need to ensure that the assessment is done at a provider authorized or accepted by the WI DOT, complete the...
What can I do after getting an OAR ticket?
My license was suspended for Wreckless Endangerment (reduced from a 3rd OWI charge)for 10 months. I was pulled over for not having my headlights on. I was an hour outside my drive time while taking my kids home from a birthday party.A got a warning for not having my headlights on and got an OAR ticket. Is there anything I can do to get the ticket reduced or dismissed? I actually may get my license back before the court date. I am worried about not getting my license back because of this ticket. Any advice? Thanks
First, a local lawyer can help with this. Get your license back. Plead not guilty and you or your lawyer should talk...
Do you always go to jail on second DUI?
I recently got my second DUI. My bac came back as .12 and the reason I was pulled over was for a license plate light being out. I have two kids and one on the way. I am complying with all bail requirements (no driving, no alcohol, wcs, and I have driver sadtey course scheduled) I am really very worried seeing as my boys need me, but lots of places I've look says jail is mandatory...but how much? And could probation or higher fines be an option instead? Is there something I can do to help my case?
The statutory minimum amount of jail on an OWI 2nd is 5 days. In some counties, it's more like 30. I recommend...