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Can I get my OWI lessened to reckless driving?
The officer followed me for over a mile, from the outskirts of town, through town, and multiple corners, before pulling me over for crossing the center line on a road the doesn't have a painted, distinguished, line. Also, in our town, there is odd and even parking in the winter time. During that night the vehicles were to park on the side of the road in which I was driving, forcing me over, past the middle of the road. Also, there was snow earlier that week and the roads were covered enough that you couldn't see the blacktop. In this, the officer had also found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, which he said he could not charge me with because he illegally searched my car. This is my first offence and since the event the county police officers have been driving past my work and home.
Under WI law, drunk driving charges can't be amended without a finding by the court that it is not against the public...
My boyfriend just got a forth DWI
Is there a way I can get him out so he can work and keep our place to live. I don't know what to do......
Better get an attorney working on this matter. Four times DWI is nothing to sneeze at.
Can I get a bartender license if I have a DUI?
Almost 3 years ago I got a DUI. I'm not on probation or anything like that. Am I able to get a bartender license and a liquor license through the town?
This is really a licensing issue, and not a criminal law/DUO & DWI question. I will change the Practice area for you...
Can I get out of my DUI? How much will it cost?
I was pulled over Sunday (Jan 29th) morning and blew a .09 on the breathalyzer.
.09 is above the legal limit. To determine whether this case has any defenses or motion issues you'll need to hire an...
Will I receive blood test result if pulled over for suspend dui
Did blood test when pulled over for suspected dui. And then let go. No mirrada rights given & didn't go to jail
The arresting agency will normally mail the blood test results to you, but that has nothing to do with having a...
Got a dui in Florida and moved to Wisconsin and got my licsence here. I have probation back in Florida and fines.
Will it show if I get pulled over in state of Wisconsin with a valid drivers lisence?
If you have a DUI suspension in Florida, it will catch up to whatever state driver's license you have. You need to...
What is my blood alcohol level for a .169 for a blood test how much jail time can i get for a second dui
second dui involving a car accident someone was injured its on my record misdemeaner u
It depends upon whether this is charged as a straight OWI-Second Offense, Causing Injury, or Causing Great Bodily Harm...