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What type of lawyer helps with medical bill dispute
Few years ago I had a balance test done and they did the test without telling I was going to be charged to have the test done
Typically you should contact the insurance or the biller and dispute the amount or the test as not necessary. If they...
Hi I have 3duis and I’m on felony probation how can I get my license back please help?
There are many factors that will need to be reviewed in order to answer your question. You should consult with an...
I took plea of 5 years probation for aggravated dwi but I failed a drug for a the 1st time for alcohol can i get my plea revoked
I failed drug test for 1st time for alcohol the judge said if my the levels goes up or I miss appointments i can do 20 days in jail. Can I do 20 days in jail for my mistake.
Yes you can. The judge can find that you’ve violated the terms of probation and can sentence you to anything up to the...
I got my 2nd dwi in N.Y. I pled guilty. What's the likelihood of moving to South Carolina while under 5 years probation?
I had a choice of 3 years at TASC or 5 years probation. I chose TASC because my lawyer mistakenly told me that it was inpatient at less time. As my house is in foreclosure and I wasn't sentenced yet I want to take the probation instead as my family lives in South Carolina and I'm told that it's possible to get transferred there. My lawyer says that there's no guarantees but he's willing to go before the judge and change it to immediate probation. I'm retired and living on Social Security which I know will not be enough money to stay in N.Y. once my house is gone. As of yesterday I was offered deed-in-lieu which according to my other lawyer is a sum of money to vacate the premises within a certain time frame. PLEASE give me your thoughts about my situation.
I'm "moving" your question to a better category. The word "moving" sent the question to Landlord and Tenant.
Do I plead to an E felony DWI conviction in NY State when my last offense was 9 years 10 months prior?
At the end of August a received a DWI arrest with a BAC of .13% after a traffic stop for a broken headlight. I blew a .20% in October of 2007 and received 3 years probation. I also had a DWAI arrest in 2001. The gravity of my situation comes from the fact that this is a second conviction within 10 years and also strike three. I have been told that the judge assigned is tough on these cases. The ADA offer is for an Class E felony including 5 years probation among other fines/restrictions. My current lawyer says I should take the deal since it keeps me out of jail. I'd worried about my prospects with a felony on my record but my case is so borderline that I'm uncertain if I should take the deal. I feel a felony is excessive with the time frame and circumstances (no accident, excessive BAC, etc.) What's the worst case scenario if this does go to grand jury? Is it folly to try and fight this?
The worst case scenario is 4 years in jail. On a different site you said you passed 1/2 the field tests so I assume you...
How much does it cost to get a green card back that was revoked due to two DUIs?
Vietnamese nail tech that messed up years ago is trying to get his green card back. How does he go about fixing this situation?
That is a very big question involving a lot of facts not provided. this tech should consult with an experienced...
Can I still be charged when I go to court?
A few weeks ago I totalled my car in NY. Officer conducted field sobriety tests. I blew a .07. Officer then issued me a traffic device violation and released me. I plead not guilty. When I go to court, is it still possible for me to be charged for an alcohol offense? The police accident report says nothing about alcohol.
It's unlikely, given that it sounds like they only gave you a roadside test which is inadmissible in court.