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Its my first one and I blew 1.6 if the second part gets dropped do I still loose my license for a year or 90 days?
If you blew a .16 your license will be revoked for 1 year and you can only drive with IID. Your plates will be...
I had a domestic non physical argument in my home where the cops were called. When they arrived they found out I had been drinking and that I had driven home. Im now being charged with dui and 5th degree assault fear of bodily harm. Is there a way to fight the dui?
Yes. The way to fight the DUI is to retain a good DWI defense lawyer, defend the DWI criminal charges and challenge...
On March 21, 2012 I was involved in a non-physical fight with my spouse. The cops were called. I had been bowling and had been drinking. When they pulled me out of my house they asked if I had been drinking. I said Yes. Asked if I had driven home. I said yes. When I was arrested they said suspicion of dui (blew .092) and 5 degree assault threat of bodily harm. Took UA at station. Was taken to jail. Next day at bail hearing all that was charged was the assault. Been 26 days and no results.
You indicated you were arrested and charged with a suspicion of a DUI. You consented to a breathalyzer and produced a...
i got pulled over for accidently forgettin to pay for gas was questioned about drinking. i said i had a couple beers. i blew a .08 and was arrested for a dui. i had a minor in the car. what are my options and what should i do?( i went back and paid for the gas)
Generally, with a first time DUI, and a .08 reading, you will be given a reduction and be allowed to plead guilty to it....
. . . more than 10 years ago, but was convicted less than 10 years ago. Can they use it to enhance? Thank you for your help.
Yes they can go by the conviction date or the revocation date. You should contact an experienced DWI attorney to...
I dare not get into too many details. Let's just say the officer was way wrong in how he handled it. Should be grounds for dismissal.
You will have to call and talk with an attorney about this issue as it is very fact specific. There are many attorneys...
What are my chances? I went to class , I pay and do all the things that they tell me to do. I was realease from provation calls like 3 months early... I want to apply now.. What I may need?
Your question is not clear. Apply for what?