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What are the consequences for a failed UA on a first UA test for GM probation?
I'm 19 years old, and am being charged with GM theft. During my pre-trial investigation, the p.o. told me that I would be getting drug tested (even though I have no record of any kind of drug use, or criminal past whatsoever). I have court in a couple days, but I've also been drinking a lot lately, in order to cope with not being able to smoke. If I fail that first u.a. are they going to throw out my pre-trial plea and just put me in jail? How severe are they willing to get with it? Do they even test for alcohol use in court ordered drug tests? Thank you.
Alcohol will not stay in your system that long. Stop consuming alcohol and you should be fine.
I got a dui and blew 1.6 what will happen next
Its my first one and I blew 1.6 if the second part gets dropped do I still loose my license for a year or 90 days?
If you blew a .16 your license will be revoked for 1 year and you can only drive with IID. Your plates will be...
DUI Charges, or not? How long before I know?
On March 21, 2012 I was involved in a non-physical fight with my spouse. The cops were called. I had been bowling and had been drinking. When they pulled me out of my house they asked if I had been drinking. I said Yes. Asked if I had driven home. I said yes. When I was arrested they said suspicion of dui (blew .092) and 5 degree assault threat of bodily harm. Took UA at station. Was taken to jail. Next day at bail hearing all that was charged was the assault. Been 26 days and no results.
You indicated you were arrested and charged with a suspicion of a DUI. You consented to a breathalyzer and produced a...
I just rrecently got my fist dui. I blew a .08. i also had a minor in the car. what are my options now? or what will happen?
i got pulled over for accidently forgettin to pay for gas was questioned about drinking. i said i had a couple beers. i blew a .08 and was arrested for a dui. i had a minor in the car. what are my options and what should i do?( i went back and paid for the gas)
Generally, with a first time DUI, and a .08 reading, you will be given a reduction and be allowed to plead guilty to it....
Parole violation and new DUI charges?
Would i still be in violation of my parole even if new DUI charges get dropped? And if so, which violation could it be? I was not driving. Even though I said I was, I have 2 witnesses that will testify that I wasn't. Was arrested for it anyway and was asked to do a breathalyzer and field test. Failed both. Did a year for multiple DUI's, on parole now, getting charged with new DUI case.
It is still possible to violate parole if the charge is dismissed. Likely an alcohol should consult...
Would I be able to get limited license with a 2 DUI so I can drive to work
I haven't been to court yet on 2nd offense, and I might not be convicted of the charge cause of circumstance in which I was charged
You can if you comply with the requirements of the ignition interlock program in Minnesota. You can find the documents...
Can I file DUI fines in a chapter 13 so I can keep vehicle and license?
Have a impound fee of $400 , behind on car note 3months approx .1,000 ,credit card debt $500 and few other items of debt worth 1,000 approx. together
You can file a petition for relief under chapter 13 and you must list all debt. However, the automatic stay stops...