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If convicted of 1st off. DUI in Ky, does the judge have option to waive drivers license suspension or is it mandatory?
In Kentucky, on a 1st offense DUI conviction , is drivers license suspension mandatory or does a judge have the option to waive suspension of license. I know that jail time & fine amount is discretionary, but not sure about license suspension of a convicted person.
The minimum required suspension is thirty days, but you could be eligible for an ignition interlock device that would...
What usally happens if you are arrested for a dirty urine on federal supervised releasr?
Been out for 4 months have a job doing well and got a dirty urine
It depends upon how you have been doing on SR and your probation officer. Usually the PO will offer drug treatment or...
What happens if I fail or miss a drug test for Home Incarceration in London, KY.
I was sentenced to 90 days of home incarceration for misdemeanor offense. What happens if I fail a drug test or miss the test.
You will be locked up immediately. Don't do it.
What do you do when you get a 4th degree assault charge and i did not do it he lied bad on me because he was so drunk law would
My man been with 11 yrs i kept all bills paid until he got his settlement and he drinks a half gallon every two days been an acholiic all his life got scared because i called 911 he had me locked outside like 10 degrees he was drunk got scared he would go so he cut. Himself
You'll want to get representation to fight the charges for starters
Is DUI a valid charge?
I was assaulted by an individual with a baseball bat and sustained 2 blunt force trauma wounds to my left arm, lost a significant amount of blood, and my wounds required 12 staples to close them. State Police Post was only a mile away, and out of fear that I would sustain further injury, maybe even death, I was able to get into my vehicle and flee the scene, went right to KSP Post #11, in hopes that they could respond quickly and apprehend my assailant. I wasn't pulled over or observed driving, but instead, was charged with DUI.
I doubt that the defense you might be able to raise, a personal emergency, is going to suffice. They only need to prove...
If a person is convicted of DUI 2nd can the change it to DUI 3rd on the day they began to serve their jail time for they're time
Previous court day show a 2nd Offense Dui but the day the reports in to serve they're time it shows the sentence was changed to a 3rd Offense Dui.
If you were convicted and sentenced for a 2nd offense, that should be your time. Who changed the offense? You need to...
Can a person be convicted of Dui 5th if they havent been convicted of their 3rd Dui?
The procecuter was tell the judge this. Even thou the person on trial knew this was their 3rd offense.
It appears as though there are some facts missing here. Although it is entirely possible to have multiple DUI arrests...