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Does USA and NZ share DUI, criminal information on pasport chips or by other means
Im a NZ citizen wanting to visit USA for 2 weeks for a friends wedding and dont want to declare my my past dui's, 3 over 5 years. Will i be stopped because information is shared. Or is this information stored on my passport chip. I was last in the USA 6 years ago. I have a return ticket. I mearly have to go be a best man at my friends wedding. Will there be a posibility that i can just get in and then leave to go back home after 2 weeks withought declaring anything. cheers if you can give me some pointers i understand there is a lot of gray area around this topic regarding the legal proceedures and the mplications of not declaring these things on my waiver. i just want an honest answer and cant seem to get it. thanks again you seem to be one of the few honest lawyers online. Bill
Bill. I really do not know. I have heard Canada might have this hassle. I suggest you speak with an immigration...
I have a court order in new jersey to have an interlock system installed in my car is there anyway i can have this lifted
i got a dwi in november of 2010, i went to court they said my license was suspended for 6 months and then 7 more with the interlock system.
If the Order was issued due to a statutory requirement (over .15 BAC or Refusal), then Iyou can NOT have the Order changed.
First offense dwi under the age at 19 years old, second offense 9 years later ..Does my second offense count as my first?
2nd offense, I was sleeping in my vehicle with the vehicle off.
Your recent offense will be treated as a second offense. Feel free to call on my office if you wish to retain an...
Arrested for dwi while parked
I was drinking with a friend. He wasnt drinking. We were planning on going to a hotel and when we left my apartment he asked me to sit in his car and let it run for a bit while he walked a couple blocks away to get more drinks. The cops arrived while i was in the front seat with the car running. I dont have a license and had no intention of driving. I failed the breathalyzer. How much trouble could i be in if i never intended to drive.
At least in New York, intent to drive if not actually observes driving, is an element of the crime. You should hire an...
DWI DUI below 0.08
Got pulled over for speeding, In 16 F degree on icy road asked to do stupid test which were done appropriately, arrested for telling the officer your finger is outside my field of vision now , during nystagmus testing . Wasn't intoxicated of impaired in any way form still breathalyzer was 0.05, so they asked me for urine sample I'm on prescription meds that I didn't even use that morning but certainly would assume it will be positive in the urine test. The asked another officer with some medical training to perform a set of tests which I was told it didn't show evidence of impaitmenf then finally I was charged with DWi/DUI plus speeding and careless driving , etc first time getting DUI , good driving records, have reflux and didn't drink that morning What is the worst case scenario?!
Assuming this is your first offense, 12 month loss of license along with thousands in fines and surcharges. Jail is...
I had a DUI in 2008, I was unable to pay the fees, they are still pending is there any way to lower it/go back on a payment plan
I need help paying this fine. I just can't do it on my own. I was just given a car and need to get on the road!
You need to contact a lawyer in your area to see if you have a warrant for your arrest and see if there is anything...
Can I reopen a duo case from 1997 that I plead guilty first time..
I was stopped by a police officer. And soon as he smells alcohol he put the cuffs on me. He never gave me a sobriety test in the street. When he took me back to the precinct I refused the breathalizer test its from 1997.. can I reopen this case
I believe that your time to appeal the case expired a long time ago, however you may be able to expunge the record if...