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  • Aberdeen Police Blotter, Oct. 28-Nov. 10

    Wednesday Nov 18 | via 

    Eric J. Roth, 33, Aberdeen, was charged with possession of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and a hypodermic syringe following an incident at Wellington Place on October 29. Christopher J. Allen, 19, Aberdeen, was charged with terroristic threats and simple assault following an incident on Woodmere Drive on October 31. A 16-year-old Keansburg youth was taken into custody on a juvenile warrant issued by Monmouth County Family Court after she was located at the Dunkin Donuts store, Cliffwood Ave. on November 6. Spencer V. Pitt, Jr., 54, Aberdeen, was charged with shoplifting at the CVS store, South Atlantic Ave., on October 31. On November 1 a 40-year-old township man was arrested for simple assault related to an incident the previous day at Chelsea Village.


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  • Red Bank Crime & Arrest Reports

    Thursday Nov 5 | via Red Bank Green 

    The crime and arrest reports below were provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the period of October 22 to November 5, 2015. This information is unedited.


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  • 21 Charged In Route 17 Luxury Carjacking, Theft Ring...

    Oct 29, 2015 | via 

    Approximately 90 vehicles were stolen from suburbs along the Route 17 corridor in New Jersey and New York, authorities said. Twenty-one people have been charged in a takedown of an international carjacking and theft ring that stole dozens of luxury vehicles from the Route 17 corridor, authorities announced Wednesday.


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Keansburg Law

Charged with DUI and reckless driving while waiting for a taxi and vehicle not being operated?
I was arrested for aitting in my car while waiting for a taxi. It I was given three tickets DUI, DUI under age and reckless driving. The police pulled me out of my vehicle and put me in the patrol car for telling them I had drank and was waiting for a cab. They wresteled my friend down for no reason and were very unprofessional. I passed the field sobriety test and was given a brethalyzer six times all of which were completely different readings. Is there a way to beat this or not plead guilty to a DUI. Please help I do not know what to do and it would be my second one. I feel the police were very unjust.
Unfortunately, they can arrest you for being in the drivers seat of your car, even with the keys in your possession for...
1st Offense DUI Breathalyzer = .12
Need an attorney. Ticket was given in Ocean Township. 1st Offense. Just happened 11/9. Arrested, Car Pounded, Test an hour later. Released same day. Court date on ticket is 11/17. Limited on money, at risk of losing everything. My job depends on my license, gun permit at risk (needed for work). Who can help!
There are many attorneys here who are very experienced in DUI matters. Many of us can work with you on payment...
What are some possible outcomes that I can expect? What are my chances at getting a wet reckless-- and is that a good idea?
Got pulled over being being on a left lane at 2:01AM. Tested by walking and saying the alphabet, taken to the station, given breathalyzer and blew a 0.1 (only tested once). Given 4 tickets: traffic on marked lanes, failure to keep right, reckless driving, and operating under influence of liquor or drugs. I have a clean record. No prior offenses of any kind. Should I get a lawyer or rely on the prosecutor?
You absolutely should retain an attorney as soon as possible. You may have several viable defense absolutely should...
Will you be denied a, server abc card. if you had a dui in nj
Im applying for an abc card to be a server at a restaurant . I had gotten a dui 2 years previous . will I be denied the card to work as a server?
A DUI should not prohibit you from obtaining an ABC card. Good luck!
Monmouth county, NJ attorney needed to help me with a DUI charge.
I need an attorney familiar with the Monmouth county NJ court system to help me extricate myself from this situation: I received a DUI about a year ago, and I had two previous, but only one within 10 years (7 years old) - the other was over 15 years ago). I failed to appear for this case though, and am living out of state now, with that warrant outstanding. I have some funds now and would like to get this cleared up. My question is, can someone familiar with the players in that area help me through this, and give me a (rough, of course) estimate of how much it would end up costing me, and also what the odds are of evading jail time, or at least limiting the time to 3 months or less (I lose SS disability benefits if incarcerated more than 3 months). Thank you!
Thank you for your question. Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will...
A 1368 passed senate + assembly, will Christie sign it
If he does, how do I apply for interlock device
It will not likely be retroactive. This will more than likely be a law which will be applied as of a particular future...
Driving While Suspended
My brother got stopped 3 times within 3 months driving with a suspended license. What is he facing when he goes to court?
Since this is under DUI, the courts are not very tolerant of even one of these in NJ. However, with three, if found...