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Will a NY DWAI conviction (considered a traffic violation) prevent me from entering Canada?
I was charged with a DWI, but it was plead down to a DWAI (.05-.07 BAC) this year (2017). I am looking to gain entry to Canada next summer for the yearly fishing trip. Depending on the province it appears I would either have received an even lesser punishment than in New York or none at all, but the entry information on this is very muddled. Would it even show up at Customs? Thanks.
It may. I have had a similar problem with a client last summer. Best of to call the Canadian consulate and check with...
What is the best possible outcome for a DWI charge in NYS when dismissal is not an option?
My lawyer wants to take a plea of a DWAI. Is this the most favorable outcome and how does this compare to a reckless driving conviction?
A DWAI is a traffic infraction and NOT a criminal conviction. Reckless driving IS a criminal conviction. Its a...
Hello, I live in NY and was arrested for dwi in NJ two years ago. Will that arrest appear on my criminal back round check.
I am applying for a premise pistol permit in NY. Do I have to disclose that arrest?
It depends on the question asked and the outcome of the case in NJ. But it will likely need to be disclosed.
How does my bca go down from street to station ?
Ok i left bar at 3:00am walk to cab company. Went in and they said come back in an hr walk back to truck fell asleep when i woke up i felt fine so i drove police pulled out right behind me and followed me for about 7 miles i turned into a parking lot and turn around police went by i was suppose to turn at next light so i turn left and then headed to next light which was green before i got threw light police came back threw i yelded to him and turn left. He then wiped his car around before i was all the way threw light and pulled me over i blew twice he said i blew to hard first time and second time it was .08 on street and then at station i blew a .07 now dosent your bac go up not down over time. got a public defender and they said they cant get it lowerd
If you're not pleased with the PD's work on your case, you're more than welcome to hire private counsel to represent...
Diffrence between dwi and reckless driving?
What would be conditions be for getting a reckless driving, instead of dwi?
http://ypdcrime.com/vt/article33.htm#t1212. reckless driving is 1212 https://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/the-vehicle-...
Can I get dwi reduced to reckless driving, and would that allow me to keep my licence?
Need to have a licence for work just wondering if reckless driving would be better. This would be third offense, 1st in 15 years
It is very unlikely that the DA will plea out DWI to anything under a DWAI violation, which still imposed license...
Can I change my plea, it's not what I agreed to?
I was told if he able to get. A conditional licence for 6months, then my license would be reinstated. But dmv said I can't get conditional license for 6 months
I can't imagine your attorney not being specific about the exact outcome of your plea. Maybe you need a new attorney?...