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Will they require a urine test with non dui a.r.d? On program for 12 months.
You will report if directed prepared to submit a urine sample is what the direction says. I'm clean. I just get concerned because I take prescription medicine?
The conditions of your ARD are determined at the time you enter the program. The conditions are usually related to the...
I am on non d.u.i. ard program . The roommates I live with have alcohol. Will this get me in trouble? I don't drink. They do.
The rule says. " do not use alcoholic beverage. You are not to enter places whose business is primarily the sale of such beverages. Abstain from the possession,use or sale of narcotics and other illegal drugs within the meaning of the Controlled Substance,Drug,Device and Cosmetic Act without a valid prescription. "
Can it get you in trouble? Yes. Will it get you in trouble? Maybe. If your roommates get in trouble and you are...
Do probation officers do home visits when you are on a non d.u.I. a.r.d program for 12 months?
I haven't got a home visit yet.
You might. It's not out of the ordinary, especially if it is house arrest. It's hard to give a concrete answer without...
Will I be removed from ARD
I am currently in the ARD program and have been since October 7th. Part of the requirements to get through it was 25 hours of community service and have proof of that within 30 days of completion of the ARD program. I completed those hours but made a mistake and thought I was finished on April 7th instead of March 7th. I just received a letter in the mail for a ARD re-hearing for failure to complete community service. Again, I completed my community service I just made a mistake of when it was due is there anything I can do to avoid the hearing and if not is there anyway to not get removed from the program because of my mistake
Hard to say. Since you did finish the community service requirement there is a reasonable chance they will just give...
2 dui charges plus charge for breaking probation. How long in jail?
Considered M3. Not felony. Was for huffing
Nobody can anonymously tell you what type of jail sentence you will be facing without knowing your prior record score,...
Is it worth paying the big bucks for a experienced lawyer to defend a 3rd DUI charge? If so, who is in Pittsburgh?
I am primarily worried about doing jail time, and losing my job. Will a house arrest be even in the cards? The last two DUI's happened 7 and 8 years ago.
Yes! You are facing a possible one year mandatory jail sentence! You need experienced counsel. I recommend William...
In Pa if serving mandatory 2 months for driving while suspended DUI must he serve the 2 months or get time off good behavior
Currently he is serving mandatory in Butler
I believe he could receive some good time-earned time, to reduce it by a few days. The prison system, and possibly a...