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I don't think missouri recognizes this as a felony so how can an apartment complex deny living rights if this dui was not a felony in missouri?
What the state of Missouri does (or doesn't do) is irrelevant. As long as they don't violate the law (say, by...
I was arrested for DUI in Florida. I was not in the vehicle nor did I have the keys in my possession when the officer arrived at the accident. My wife said I was driving but only saw the vehicle leaving the parking lot and me crawling out of the drivers window. She never actually saw me driving. I refused all testing including providing a breath sample. The officer took my license and told me my license would be suspended for a year. Everything I have read about the Interstate Drivers License Compact says Missouri will only suspend my license for conviction of DUI. Is this correct or should I fight the suspension. If I need to fight it which state do I need to do that in? I was issued a ten day temp permit for Florida, but Missouri issues 15 day permits, do I have 10 or 15 days to drive?
I'm not licensed to practice law in Florida, but it sounds like you have only 10 days to drive on your permit in...
I have a pretty clean driving record. A few speeding tickets but nothing else.
You can face serious consequences for refusal to submit to a chemical test. The best idea is to retain an attorney and...
A few years back I had a less than upstanding roomate. Long story short he is in prison for multiple counts of felony burglary. I was very cooperative with law in for cement about the situation but ended up getting several felony charges myself. Well long story short I took a plea bargain and got an SIS. I am on probation and have to pay restitution, since he cannot. The prosecutor told me after I pay and am off probation these convictions "go away". Is this true? I can still vote and everything but obviously can't purchase a firearm.
If you received an SIS for a felony and you successfully complete probation, pay restitution, and do anything else that...
My atty did nothing to help me win my DWI case. Now I have 2 yr probation plus classes. Can I have another atty for the DMV hearing? I am really trying to keep my license.
You can. If you choose to hire a different attorney to represent you on your civil case, the new attorney can take over...
In the 1990s I received two DWI arrests. How do I find out if they resulted in an SIS or Diversion? I never had to see a probation officer or drop a U.A. but did attenc SATOP on both.
Call the court clerk in the court where this happened and ask.
My licenses has not been suspended as of yet, I'm waiting to get a hearing. I have no been convicted and I hired someone to assist with it. This is my first one with a good driving record. I have an interview Friday and I'm afraid they will see this on public records, or will think something is up when they see my temp non drivers license.
If you hired someone, I assume that you hired a lawyer. Your question is best directed to your attorney. But in...