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Can I receive payment from drunk drivers insurance?
My car was parked outside my apartment while I slept. A drunk driver totaled my car by going off road and into the parking lot. His insurance paid the total amount of my car off, however, I did not receive money to put down a new vehicle. I'm in a tight spot financially so this has caused stress and emotional turmoil for me as I have a 2-year-old and one on the way. I'm not in a spot to purchase a new car. Is there any legal action I can pursue against the driver or his insurance company?
Depending on the documents you signed, you may have a punitive damage claim component to your property damage claim....
What can I expect from my first time DUI/DWI charge.
I have never been in trouble with the law. Just 1 speeding ticket. I was driving home from a concert where everyone was soaked in beer! I had been drinking, but not too much. I was changing songs on my Phone as I was driving home and swerved a little. I was stopped and taken away for about 2 hours. I blew a .11 BAC. I was very cooperative with the officers. They even took my handcuffs off. I was just taken for pictures and fingerprints and was let out under custody release, did not have to pay anything. My license has been taken away for 30 days and I have court on 11/18. I am female 23 years old. I work for medical insurance and have 2 jobs the other one as a caregiver 3rd shift. I am a cancer survivor and consider myself a good descent person. I want to know if its possible to get everything dropped with a lawyer or how will they most likely go about this?
So the likelihood of getting the charges dropped, even with an attorney representing you, are slim, especially if you...
What does the *9 restriction on my nc licence mean
I just got the interlock box out of my car after 3 years
According to some quick research "*9" is a code that tells NC DMV and law enforcement that your license has been...
Is it DWI/DUI/OUI if you start your car in parking lot to warm up while you go back to pay dinner bill?
My girlfriend, son, and I were eating out at a restaurant, i had 5 BIG beers, and i realized my check card was in my car. My son and i went out to get it and he was gonna play his IPAD, while my girlfriend finished her meal. I got my card and started the car and looked up to see a cop posted in the restaurant had followed us to the car. I cut the car off and stepped out to explain to him but he would hear nothing of it and called his "partner" to arrest me. I had no intent to drive the car as my g/f had only one drink and i had yet to go back in and pay for our meal. i was given two FSTs and taken to jail where i blew a .20.
In North Carolina, we only have DWI, Driving while impaired. The key for you is do your actions constitute "driving"...
I got charged for a DWI in 2013 my blood tests didn't come back until 2016 there was nothing in my blood because I a seizure
I would like to get off probation I've done the 7 days in jail community service but haven't paid any fines or the classes I'm on a fixed income and barely survive now just want to know can I do something bout this please help me
Speak to the attorney at the public defenders office where you reside.
I was convicted of 3 dui not alcohol related in 2015. My license was revoked for 3 years & I was placed on 18 months probation.
This all happened in April & by Nov. I had completed most of my dui assessment classes which was for 72 hours. I paid my fines but it took a while. I completed 50 hours of community service which was only a third of it due to not having a license or means of getting to further places. In November, I did 4 days jail time due to probation violation from community service. In December, probation had me back in court wanting me back in jail which is why I hired a lawyer. He told me to complete the 9 hours I had left in the classes, do three days in jail instead of 90, & I would be off of probation 8 months early. He said the letter would state completed probation "unsuccessfully". What does that mean & how will that affect me going forward? WILL it affect my DMV hearing which is 6 months away? Is there a way to get the state to push back the hearing date? What should I expect from the hearing? None of mine were alcohol related. Sleeping i, the car in a parking lot after being up all night & I was on mild pain meds which made me hyper. The last one was the same officer who pulled me & I was not tired or under the influence. Is there anyway to avoid the device? Mine wasn't alcohol relate
Finish what you need to finish to get off probation. Pay all your civil revocation fees. Unlikely your hearing could be...
I was convicted of 3 duis 2 & a half years ago all not alcohol related. I received two in 2013 for falling asleep in the vehicle
I had stayed up all night & half the following day plus I was taking mild pain meds which made me hyper. I did not realize how tired I was until I stopped at a store on the first two & fell asleep. The owner called 911 on both accounts & I failed the straight line test. I had never been arrested B4 all this happened. The third I was driving but not tired or under the influence. I was pulled by the same cop & it was all harrassment. I know I passed the sobriety test with flying colors. He saw me & just assumed I was under the influence. The lawyer said it was best to plead guilty & I got 18 months probation. My license was revoked for three years. Even the blood work was not back from all three at the time I was placed on probation. I was not able to get to community service except for when I completed 50 hours when they finally gave me a place close by but I started on dui assessment classes immediately in which I was told I would need 72 hours. I paid my fines although it took some time.
Please let us know what your question is- there’s a lot of “what happeneds” but no question. to try to respond to