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Police let my drunk sister drive away. She then got into a very bad accident. Are they responsible?
Four years ago my sister got pulled over in our small town by a police officer she went to school with. She had obviously been drinking and he let her go. A few hours later she got into a severe accident slamming head on into a semi. Could she sue the officer? What type of lawyer would she need to contact? This happened in Greene County, IL. Thanks in advance.
No. She is. Talk to a lawyer to see if there's anything there.
Can a dui stand if you were not driving?
I was very sick from food poisoning, I bought some liquor, found a rest area, as I tried to park, my vehicle got stuck. I began to have chest pains and shortness of breath. I called 911 sat on the ground had one drink then returned the bottle to the vehicle and lost conciseness. EMT arrived as I woke up. I was taken to the ER then placed in ICU. The next morning an Illinois State trooper came and wrote me two tickets: one for dui and the other for open container. Is this legal?
You need a traffic and DUI lawyer. They know the law, the can investigate the legality of the specifics of the ticket...
Dismissed DUI & insurance rates?
Hello, I'm looking for a lawyer to help me clear up my name in both criminal and driving records from a DUI arrest on 9/11/15. I was arrested on suspicion of DUI, refused all field sobriety tests & breathalyzer, remained silent until I made bail. Anyways long story short I lost my license for 1 year due to refusing and had to use a BAIID for 10 months (never in the 10 months did I even get a warning or a fail), i fought the case with help from a very experienced but also very expensive lawyer which resulted in a Not guilty verdict by Jury. I reinstated my License after completing the BAIID program, shortly after I acquired a new career which allows me the use of a take home personal use company vehicle so I never had a need for a personal vehicle, I recently acquired a truck from a debt owed to me and I have registered it to my name but not yet insured it, will the insurance company see my DUI arrest and/or the 1 year suspension? Haven't had any tickets or accidents since 9/11/15 but prior to that I didn't have the greatest driving history. I rather pay a lawyer to clear my name than to pay the insurance companies a premium for something I can avoid.
If this is your first dui offense and the suspension is over it will not show up on your public motor vehicle report....
How long do you have to challenge a SSS (DUI)?
Arrested for DUI 2 times. First time my attorney won the SSS hearing, then with the courts I received the 1x court supervision, which I completely successfully. I was stupid enough to do it one more time and I told my attorney all I cared about was not having jail time, so he said my license would be revoked for one year (next month will be one year); I didn't know it would be suspended for another 2 years due to not blowing on either arrest. Is there anyway around this suspension now or is it too late and I just need to suck it up?
You are still eligible for a restricted driving permit. You should retain an attorney to help you with the...
Will I be able to try to take a AA or try to go rehab instead of getting jail time for 2 DUIs and messing up my supervision?
In June 2016 I got charged with my first DUI as a minor and got supervision for 2 years. It was suppose to be completed in December 2018, but I got charged last night with a second DUI with BAC at .167 twice the limit, still a minor. Only had 5 months left of supervision. I’m too scared for jail and I don’t want to go to jail. wondering if I would be able to possibly go into rehab or a facility for my drinking problem or do something besides getting thrown in jail.
Possibly. Try and hire a lawyer. If you cannot afford one and the state seeks jail time request a PD
In need of pro bono lawyer lake county il for DUI and child endangerment first time offender for any reason ?
Was driving not drinking passed all but walking test did not blow was taking my daughter to child bday party i cannot afford lawyer raising my daughter alone please help
If you believe that you cannot afford an attorney, you can ask the Judge to have the public defender's office to be...
I got 1 year probation DUI (6 months for DUI and 6 months for leaving the scene). Can I get off probation at the 6-month mark?
I live in Chicago and got a dui and leaving the scene cases. I did a month in jail and am doing 1 year probation in Chicago. The dui and leaving the scene probations are 6 months each. Although I didn’t have drugs, I have to go for drug AND alcohol tests twice a month at $50 each. Im having a hardship payin this every month plus the $50 to the court.
Even if it hurts, pay something each month toward your debts. You can argue later if you don't finish payment by the...