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My employer did a criminal background check and it was discovered that I have an outstanding warrant from CA for DUI and FTA.
I have lived in Montana for almost 8 years now. What can I do since this is still in Pending status? Is there any way I can get these charges dismissed after all this time?
It may be possible to get the charges dismissed once they are back on the court docket- with old charges, there is...
Can I apply and get my CDL license with two or more DUI's on my record?
I have two DUI convictions on my record with in a 10 year history. And one older than 10 years ago. Can I still get a CDL license in the State of Montana?
Although not licensed in MT, I would expect that you will have a difficult time getting a CDL. Why not contact Montana'...
Is dui per se (1st offense) considered a minor traffic violation? This is in regards to a question on a college application
It is a misdemeanor offense, so by legal definition it is "minor". However, I would disclose it if the nature of the...
Can I take care of a warrant from out of state?????
I have just been informed that i need to serve 10 days for DUI but I am leaving town in 8 to attend a school out of state, thus not giving me time to serve. I have worked to hard and invested to much for this opportunity to not take it. Is there a way to take of this when I get to where I'm going??? Please help!!!!
Judges don't appreciate it when defendants decide their other obligations are more important than the court's orders....
Can a passenger be pulled out of the car and be made to take the drunk test
My daughter had a designated driver because she had two dui. The police told the driver to get out of the car then pulled my daughter out of the passenger side and told her to take the drunk test. She said no because she wasn't driving and they gave a third dui ticket and made her have a blood test. Their reasoning was that she drove the car there
The answer is yes. If the police believe, based on the totality of the circumstances, that your daughter and the...
MY (ex)girlfriend ran me over while she was drunk and broke my leg. She was let go free and I am the one they blame.
She ran me over while she was drunk but they let her go. NOw they are trying to charge me with contributing to a minor and obstruction. She was charged with an MIP, the judge later dismissed it if she moved away. THat leaves me here with a broken leg and wondering why I am getting the brunt of this. I tried to stop her from driving drunk when she ran me down.
I don't know the answer to your question and I wasn't there so it beyond difficult to know the answers. I do know that...
Can DUIs be expunged from my background record in the state of Montana?
I've made the mistake to drive while under the influence and gotten two DUIS. I knew better an I'm not an alcoholic, I just made the dumb decision to drive. I'm working towards earning my A.A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology and I'm afraid I won't be able to graduate or get jobs at vet clinics with two duis on my record. I've learned my lesson.
Don't practice law in Montana, but my brief look at the Montana statutes seems to indicate that convictions cannot be...