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Dui,and cid in 2009 also charged with 2nd degree felony assault class c dec2010 over the accident
i understand that missouri changed the dui laws in 2010. do i still fall in the 2009 laws because thats when i got the dui and cid tickets
As a general rule if the conduct was committed before the effective date of the new statute, the old statute will apply....
Missouri DWI?
Lawyers often preach, "don't blow, fight the charge in court" yet this seems to open up a whole new can of worms since the results are normally the same: SATOP, probation, etc., yet you end up spending more money for the BAC refusal to get your license back. Is the pitch to refuse to blow simply a ploy to make more money for DWI lawyers?
I have not heard lawyers preach that. What I have heard lawyers whose opiioins I respect say, is that if you have no...
What can I expect being Accused of DWI
I was driving to the store, depressed the last few days, smoked a lot of cigs., and went blank for a few minutes, crashed my truck into a tree, never had a drink, I was still in shock when Cop showed up and failed test was arrested
A DWI charge typically involves both an administrative action by the Department of Revenue to suspend or revoke your...
Is there a statute of limitations on a dui in Missouri?
Many years ago, maybe 8 or so, I received a dui. Pled guilty, was ordered probation, Satop and driving course to get my full driving privileges back. Due to life circumstances, I didn’t get around to doing that, but I did do my probation period with no issues. I am now working on getting my license back and am unable to find my case online. Is there a statute of limitations on getting things done or should I continue to go to my satop things?
There is no statute of limitations on DUI's. Some states had and may (still have?) laws that effectively "erased" a...
DUI Diversion Revocation hearing
I was cited for DUI in 2015, no prior record. I completed the diversion program (1 year stint) without incident. 79 days after I had completed said diversion I received a letter in the mail stating my diversion was being revoked due to a police report in which the officer states I was a witness to an event at a bar. Nearly 3 years after my DUI citation and over a year after my completed diversion I am attending a evidentiary hearing to refute this report (innocent & was not at bar or drinking). I graduate with an MBA in December, if revoked and charged this will have extremely detrimental effects on my life, career, education etc. IF revoked am I sentenced for DUI on the spot, or will I have time to appeal evidentiary hearing, plead non-guilty to original dui and set for trial, etc?
Hire an attorney. You have too much to lose to handle this on your own.
What is the typical cost of a DWI in Missouri?
I was recently pulled over and refused a breathalyzer test. After I was arrested and placed in the police car, the officers began to get chatty with my wife who said I did have something to drink. Will this affect my case and what is the typical cost to defend a DWI?
I think, based on your question, that you need to decide if you want to hire the cheapest firm you can find that will...
License revocation - 3rd Missouri DWI
I am 37 years old, and have recently been charged with my 3rd DWI. My first two occurred when I was in college. The first in 2001 - just days after my 21st birthday - and the other in 2004, when I was 23. If I’m found guilty, is there any way to avoid a 10-year revocation? (My attorney is confident that the charge will be dropped to a misdemeanor.) If not, at what point would I be eligible for a hardship? What would I need to do to obtain one? Thank you for your time.
If the first two were actual convictions (not suspended impositions of sentence), and this one is a conviction, there...