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What will happen to me? I only owe 300 now cause the bail money is going towards my payments
I stop paying court for a sealed DUI over 2 years I was out of town and eventually ended up coming back turned into an order to for arrest. Just got arrested 2 weeks ago but I bailed my self out. 1,100$ cash DUI is sealed finish with but still owed money
If you still owe money on the case, it is very unlikely the case is sealed. Since you were arrested on an active...
If i blew a .080 for my 1st DUI/offense and my second test came up .077 what can legal rights take place?
i was pulled over pulling out of a bar and police officer said i cut him off. "failed to yield the right of way" was pulled over asked if i had anything to drink and automatically was taken out of the vehicle for the sobriety testing it was a cold windy night and i feel i passed his vision and walking exam, then i voluntarily took a brethalizerand blew a .10, when i was taken to county and did the test there i blew a .080 then my second was .077 shortly after. was told i was in the clear from the dol because they look and the second one , but the court is offering me to take a wreckless driving charge and they will drop the other charges. i feel thats a horrible deal but need input. also i do not have insurance will that be dropped? thank you for looking
Talk over your options with your attorney and YOU make the best decision for you. If you don't like the advise you are...
Notice of probation violation
i have a ignition interlock and am on probation my probation officer got a letter that i had start up failures BAC .061 they sant me a letter with court date what do i do
Make sure you go to your court date. You should have a lawyer. If you cannot afford a private one, ask for a public...
I got my 2 dui its been 2 years im takeing deferd this time can i move to alaska and take care of it
is it posible
It depends on your court and probation terms. Most terms and conditions will not restrict moving or travel. However,...
I was arrested for driving with my license suspended 2nd degree for the second time. what will happen to me?
what is the punishment for a dwls 2nd degree for the second time? I was driving taking my friend on an emergency drive to the drugstore.
The courts won't accept taking a friend to the drugstore as a justifiable "emergency". Taking someone to the hospital...
How long can they drag my dui case on
Got dui on 9-16-2014 still going to court over it 10-6-2016
I do not know that I can answer your question because it is too vague but I will try. If you have been found guilty the...
Likelihood of reduction on DUI?
I did not take FST's, blew a .087 once at the station, and asked for a secondary blood sample(in my state one of your rights is to get a secondary sample). Was taken to the nearest hospital, blood was draw, officer refused to take the blood sample and said that because of his refusal the blood sample would be inadmissible for evidence. There is no video of the arrest, or the BAC room, spoilage?
Sounds like the State has some major problems here and I just wish I was an attorney in your area because I live 3-4...