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License was permanently revoked due to Felony DUI received in 2006. Any way for me to apply for a hardship employment purposes?
Any idea whether retaining an attorney would make any difference or should I just go before the Florida Review Board and plead my case?? I have had No trouble since then and have not driven and am following a program for my addiction.
Yes, there is a program that you may be eligible for. If you are eligible and accepted to the extremely limited and...
Can you expunge a Dui in florida?
I read on this site dui's can be expunged in other states..... what about florida?
With the power of a Google and the Internet, almost all questions have answers. Yours lies here: https://www.fdle....
Accident, taken to hospital, Blood alcohol test performed, let go no arrest, no police report given until month later.
Will the report indicate my Blood Alcohol Level? Will my license get suspended if Blood alcohol level over legal limit? Next steps? Advised to go for treatment in advance therefore I do not have access to report....
Yes, blood test will show your BAC level. Your licenses could definitely be in jeopardy. Hire an attorney.
How can my partner, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, keep his recent DUI charge from affecting his application for status?
My boyfriend came here when he was 15. We met 4 years later. Had a child and have struggled to make it since. He has been caught driving a few times without a license but always paid the fine. Just after we learned he may be eligible for the deferred action, he lands a DUI. I have obtained a DUI attorney but am curious about this affecting his immigration application. Obviously if we get a conviction he will probably no longer be eligible. It was suggested I seek an immigration attorney to write a letter on my boyfriends behalf explaining the to the judge the dire consequences if convicted. Is this a normal procedure? What does an immigration attorney normally charge for such a letter? What is the normal cost to continue with the application for status through deferred action?
Yes, it would be wise to talk to an immigration attorney. Different attorneys charge different prices ... call at-...
Does a DUI affect an immigrants application for US legal status?
My daughters father is from Mexico & entered us illegally in 2000 at age 16. I'm American & although we are not married we have lived together for 7yrs. & have a 6year old daughter. He has his ITIN in which he claims anything he made that year. Speaks perfect English. We have been looking forward to immigration reform process. We would love to apply for his legal status as soon as the law allows. Personally I feel it was unjust. The dept. is known for false intensions, as their city limit is small. This was pure profiling. A Spanish man in an old car in a passing through a nice area. Anyhow, I'm wondering how this case is going to affect any future application process for legal status. Assuming there's not affect if we fight & win, but if he pleas in any way, does it affect the process?
One DUI will probably not effect his application but consult an attorney first before pleading to anything that may...
Hi, this past Saturday I got a notice of suspension of my drivers licence for 6 months for being under 21
B.a.c of .147 and .135 I don't know what to do I need to drive on a daily basis to work and my 10 day yellow pass runs out on Tuesday what do I do? And this happened in Orlando while I live in Jupiter and do have the time to drive to Orlando to take care of this. I work full time 9.30-5.30
The driver license suspension is because you were arrested for a DUI. You can challenge the determination with the...
I am on mail in probation for a DUI. I just received in the mail today that i must submit to a 7 panel drug and alcohol test.
I received the notice in the mail today 12/22 @5pm and they state that i have 24 hours to submit to the test. I of course do not have a problem with the test, but where do I go to get it done. Palm Beach County, FL
Double check both sides of the notice and then contact your probation officer if you cannot tell where to go to get the...