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Will I have to have one in OK as well, or just if I want to have a valid license in NC? Thanks!
I am relocating from NC to Oklahoma. I have to have an interlock device in NC.
Have you spoken with an OK attorney since you're asking about OK law not NC law?
Do I need an attorney for a preliminary hearing with the NCDMV following a failed run test? I had NOT been drinking.
Ignition interlock installed after 2nd dui. Monitech is the company doing the interlock. When I went in for this program violation I was sure I hadn't been drinking and went in specifically to have the unit serviced bc of it. I was told I blew a 0 on start test, then a .01 first running test. I then pulled to the side of the road and blew another 0. They agreed it was likely a mouth contaminent and noted that (even though I had only ingested water and eaten nothing). I assumed them saying this cleared it up, but no I must now ask for a trial as I received a notice of suspension form the NCDMV. Is this cut and dry enough to handle on my own or do I need a lawyer? I am a broke grad student so looking for realistic guidance.
Get local DUI/DWI counsel involved to preserve your rights. Avvo find a lawyer feature can help you find same.
Will I do jail time or community service for first offense DUI charge
I got a DUI in NC and this is my first offense for DUI. Will I do jail time or just community service?
If this is your first DWI, you most likely will not see jail time. However, if there are aggravating factors, such as...
Is there any possibility I could get the case thrown out or reduce with the right attorney. what should I expect?
I was stop recently by a patrol officer. He said I was doing 75 in a 55 and charge me with speeding, driving with revoke license and dui. I got charged with my 2nd Dui in 2011. I refused to take the breathalyzer. I refuse to blow because I had a shot and a glass of wine and did not know if it was going to show up higher than a .08
Yes. However, you need to find the right attorney to do that. This site is a great place to find one.
I got my first underage drinking citation (19yr/old) what are my options?
I was really drunk outside a night club and a cop pulled me aside and gave me a drinking citation. This is my first run-in with the law and never had to deal with anything like it. Do i need to get a lawyer or can I represent myself in court. I dont think I can plead not guilty because i was very intoxicated and that will be in the police report, if there is one. So if i have to plead guilty which is most likely to happen, will the citation be on my public record? Or is it possible to get it removed from my record when i turn 21? Also, since i was very intoxicated, is it even necessary to get a lawyer, as in why would i need one if i have to plead guilty?
First, it is never advisable to represent yourself as the system is not friendly or helpful to defendants without...
Second vehicle injury case in one yr. Should I obtain the same lawyer for the second case? Will it look bad on my behalf?
I was in a car accident months ago that wasnt my fault. I had injuries and obtained lawyer and have therapy. This week was my last week for therapy. This case is still open. Now another accident happened the other day and was not my fault. Im now hurting again in the areas of my last accident but now with headaches. I did not file the accident claims under my insurance. My vehicle only has minor damage but the person who is at fault has more and was driving with suspended license.
Much better to retain the same lawyer so long as you think he did a good job.
What are the consequences of my case of dwi?
first .i have to tell you that i m 31 and i rarely drink couple beers .like once in month and sometimes i stay months and months without having a single beer. and i never took or seen any kind of drug in my life. on the 28 th june 2015 i was driving alone heading to my aprtment from a friends house it was a party .i had couple drinks .i got stopped by police officer he asked me to do the breath test and i did it .i did it five times but one was reading .08...the officer was telling me that i wasnt doing it right and he charged me dwi with refusal of the test...now i dont have driver license to go to my work . is there any chances to get a my driving privileges to go to work ..i just dont want loose my job cause i really dont have tranportation.
First you need an attorney. Use Avvo to find the best criminal defense attorney in your area. Now, to address your...