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Can I have this removed from my record. Is there any way around paying $400.00 for dui class
I got a dui in 1990 in wv at that time I lived in nc paid fine and 24 hours in jail is there any way to get around paying 400.00 to take dui class I've not drank now foor 16 years
You have had 26 years to pay the 400 dollar fine. I doubt that you can get it removed.
Missed my court date for june 27th for driving while suspended in WV. I have my lic. from Delaware and was told thay where susp.
I called Delaware and was told I also had a court day there for june 20th to pay res. the place I called told me I had to pay 350.00 to get the warrant off. I payed that the 27th and thay told me the warrant would be taken off july 1st. I told them I have a court date in WV the 27th and asked them what would happen if I went to court here and thay told me that WV would hold me til thay took it off. So I missed my court date here in WV for driving while suspended. What can I do now.
Since you missed another court date, you may have to post another bail or bond to take care of a warrant for failure to...
Driving while suspended while revoked for a dui
On our way from NJ to WV i got tired of driving so i let my boyfriend drive who hasnt had a license in 11 years and the reason for it is he got a dui , lost his license, and never got it back but can if he wanted to. We got pulled over and he got charged with driving without a license while revoked for a DUI. He assigned a public defender . The public defender wants to get him house arrest time but my boyfriend says that here in WV you have to pay for house arrest because its a privelage and that he is just going to ask for jail time. Being real anxious about whether he is going to go to jail or not I really want to know what the probability of that this is going to happen. The public defender when we call says that hed really like for house arrest, when my bf says he doesnt want it the
No one can answer this question without knowing the specifics of his case. The public defender is in the best position...
If my driving priviledge is suspended in pa is there any way I can drive in a different state?
I have a wv drivers license that has been re-instated, however it has expired, now the dmv in wv will not re-new because my priviledge is suspended in pa.wv dmv says that if my license was'nt expired i would be able to drive using it.Is there anything i can do to obtain a legal dl?
Not likely. The states are now in touch with each other via computer and the internet, so any suspension will likely...
How can I seal or expunge a DUI i got in Ohio while my DL was in WV?
I was pulled over after being followed by Ohio State Trooper for 7 blocks when i merged into right lane without use of turn,signal, yes I had three beers, the officer had me to blow twice, conduct the the tilt head back test and place finger on nose when instructed, to follow the light and walk a straight line, he arrested me after i refused to stand on one foot, I had explained to him that I had pinched the nerve in my back and my legs were going dumb, when I pulled my son out of a fight 10 minutes prior, and that this was a recurring injury from the time I injured my back when deployed. He then arrested me and took me to jail, he let my son go when his wife came and gave him my cell and wallet to take home so I had no way to get bail or get a number to call for someone to bail me out. I later found out from the CO's at the jail that the officer charged me and stated that I refused to blow, even though I blew twice for him and said I was being un co-operative with him. i had to be on parole for a year, pay fees in both Ohio and WV, go to a class for 72 hrs straight. I have no points on my driving record and it shows it to be closed. Even my personal car insurance has lowered
Nope, no possible unfortunatley ……..There are certain offenses under Ohio law that cannot be expunged. Charges of...
What documents do I need to prove to a possible employer to prove my dui charge is resolved.
I am being considered by an employer and my background check took longer than expected because they need proof that my case is resolved. I got a dui a year ago. I sent them the magistrate papers saying i paid my fines and the hr guy said that might not be enough and that I have to get it right the first time or they would deny employment. So my question is what do I need to send them? I imagine proof my fines are.paid and proof I served my 3 months house arrest. Both of which i did
First, ask the HR specifically what they need. Then there's no questions or uncertainty. But perhaps a certified copy...
Will WV suspend drivers license if the DUI occurred in PA, and the ARD program is granted and completed successfully?
I am a WV license holder, and got a DUI in PA. My lawyer thinks I will be eligible for the ARD program, which to my understanding is not a conviction, however there will be a 60 day suspension of driving privileges in PA. My license is not due to renew until 2020. My question is will WV catch wind of the situation and suspend my license, even though it is technically not a conviction?
Since you were not convicted of DUI, your WV driver's license will be unaffected.