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In Mn can I be denyed work for admiting to a misdemeanor DUI in MN. That no longer shows on a background check?
In Mn can I be denyed work for admiting to a misdemeanor DUI in MN. That no longer shows on a background check?
This seems to be an employment law question, rather than a criminal law or DWI law question. You could check with...
Can I be charged with DUI in my parking lot and hearsay?
Police were called to do a wellness check cause family thought I was driving while intoxicated, wasn't driving, but I was in my car smoking a cigarette and passed out, mind you I was at my apartment complex. Car was not on and keys fell between the center console and seat. When the police showed up, my sister in law was standing between the driver door and me and my foot was hanging out. Before then, they went to the wrong apartment complex, in the report they stated "drove through parking lot but could not locate vehicle". They did the field test on me, failed, and blew .23 and they arrest me for dui. My car is a push button start and they turned it on without my consent and they tore up my car trying to locate the keys. Took them awhile to find them, they had to literally dig through my whole vehicle to find them. The officer told my sister in law "because of what he blew, that is enough to charge him with a DUI". I don't know how to go about this and I feel I was not in the wrong. Now I fear just being in my car.
Hello. Not sure what you mean by 'smoking...passed out' - wonder if you wound up with some burns, small fire... Law...
If I'm in outpatient and I fail a drug test do they have to contact me first or can they contact someone else
I had a random drug test then I tested positive . They found something in my urine that is in cough syrup I cannot take because it makes me sick. They did not give me the opportunity to retake my drug test or show me the paperwork that I failed so I got treatment and now I have a court hearing coming up. The reason why I'm asking because another person in the same class as me failed his drug test and they were actually wrong they gave him an opportunity to retake his test they said it was a mix-up.
Was the mix-up the fact the sample was yours instead of the other person's? It doesn't appear there was a mix up in...
What steps do i take and what are the possible consequences?
1 not a drop when I was 18, blew under .08. 1 DWI charge that got me this ignition interlock, in November last year, blew .16. Unsupervised probation for 2 years plus ignition interlock, fees etc. I drank for the first time since my charge, waited what i thought was 24 hours, i felt 110% sober and figured I was, I went to start my car, failed and somehow blew .2 or something I believe the company told me, then retested and passed right away. Then 3-4 days later left to go to work- have not been drinking nor did I prior the night before- and I failed another test, called the company they told me I blew .023, retested .025, retested .022 (at this point freaking out, late for work, being told by the company after 3 failed its reported or is a violation or something, don't know what to do) Finally 4th test passed, completely forgot to ask the lady what the final passing level was at, but left to work, passed the 1st rolling test before getting to work. She didn't mention anything specifically wrong with my ignition interlock either. What happens now, what can I do?
If you get something in the mail from the DMV, contact your attorney right away to discuss. In the meantime if you are...
Can I sell her my car? If so, will she have to keep the whiskey plates?
I have whiskey plates and can't drive my car due to cancellation. My wife and I live at different addresses. She needs a car because her car needs a new engine.
Review Minn Stat 169A.60 subd 14 which governs sale of a car subject to plate impoundment.
How likely is it that I will be charged with a DUI after the fact of my minor consumption?
I was sitting in my car at a gas station when two police officers pulled up. They said they were told two young girls appeared to be drinking. My friend and I both received underage consumption tickets and we walked home. I'm worried they might try to charge me with a DUI, but they never said anything about being in my car. Is it likely that they will upon paying my minor consumption ticket? The ticket itself had to be mailed to me and my vehicle is listed on it, but not my BAC level and it only says alcohol consumption by person under 21.
No. If you haven't already been charged with DWI, it's highly unlikely that you will now. However, I could see the...
Will he get time?
Boyfriend got arrested for drinking and driving. His charges are fleen an officer, DUI, and Damage-UNK LVL- private. It's his first DUI, his first fleen an officer and damage...
This is the time when your boyfriend needs an experienced attorney in his side. These are serious charges that the...