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How can I have very old DUI's I expundged in Montana?
I received multiple dui's in the late 1990's and early 2000's. I subsequently went to long term treatment, completed it, completed intensive out patient treatment, and discharged my probation in 2007 without incident. I have an absolutely clean driving and criminal record since 2002. I have gone on to become a nurse and have maintained my sobriety since 2002. I am now wanting to move out of the US as a result of the recent presidential election. Great Britain is where I am wanting to land. I would like some advice as to how to proceed to try and get some or all of these dui's expunged from my Montana record in the interest of obtaining work visas in other countries. l would like some guidance as to if or how I can get some or all of these dui's expundged from my record. Thanks for your time and consideration
Each state has its own rules regarding expungement. I am not familiar with the laws in Montana, but in Florida you can...
Can I decline a drug test in a custody battle. And if it comes up positive will I get my child taken away?
My ex and I are going to court for custody of error our daughter and he is just in it for the tax returns. He is fighting for 50/50 but in all reality he doesn't have the necessary living for her and he works nights so he would have his girlfriend watch her and then take her to daycare that I pay for while he sleeps during the day. That being said of all his greediness I'm afraid that he might bring up a drug test. Does the judge automatically grant a drug test or will it have to be probable cause? Also the father is on probation and has tons of fines to payback and hasn't followed his probation. I have physical prove.
Yes you can decline a drug test and yes your child may be taken away. Best to ask your Lawyer.
A felony DUI in Montana and run to Florida can you be extradited
Was driving drunk got pulled over sideswiped a car just barely nobody injured got me on scram bracelet 6 months still have 3 months until Court if I run will they extradite me from Florida back to Montana
No way to know ask them .......................................................
If convicted of dui in personal vehicle has cdl can he get a work permit to drive for work
My husband has a warrant for not making his court date had family emergency couldn't get a continuous so judge found him guilty now he has to go in for sentencing we don't have an attorney can he get a work permit
Federal law prohibits a CDL holder from obtaining a work permit to drive his truck during a DUI connected...
How do I approach a dui under my name, but it wasn't me?
Someone gave my name and received a dui. The police didn't verify the person's identity with an ID, take fingerprints, or a mugshot. What do I do?
Talk to the prosecutor. They may still have the onboard video or the DUI field test in their possession. That should...
Can my son leave the state of Montana after a court orders dui class
We have moved to another state. My son the night before he was to come with us got a dui. He pleaded gulity was sentenced to 24 hours in jail. Fined $600 and orders to attend a dui class., he has no probation .can he still leave Montana and do the classes in the state we are moving to
As far as leaving the state, whether there are any travel restrictions, depends on what the judge ordered, and on...
DUI 4 Felony Charge in Hamilton MT. Is there hope to get it dropped to DUI 3 or dismissed?
1st DUI in 1996 when 18 years old in Missoula MT. Just took whatever the public defender told me to do. I had no real knowledge of the legal system or how serious a DUI really was. Ended up being DUI per se. 2 more DUI's in 2005. Again just went through the motions with a public defender. No benefit of the doubt with the 3rd DUI of me leaving the house in a car to avoid arguing anymore with my drunk girlfriend at the time, and then realizing driving was a bad idea and returning home 5 minutes later only to find that she had called the sheriff about me being a 'meanie' and he was sitting in the driveway when I had returned. No field tests or breathalyzer. Just cuffed and stuffed with him saying I was under arrest for DUI. It's now 2016 and just got a 4th one after being pulled over for a headlight out. I had a cold so I took some NyQuil and had 3 beers in order to just go to bed after a long week of work while being really sick. I wanted 1 more beer before I ate and went to bed so I was headed to the gas station to get a six pack. Pulled over within 1 minute of leaving my home like the officer was just waiting for me to leave. I had a fill in judge and attorney at arraignment.
If you drank an entire bottle of Nyquil, it' would be the equivalent of one beer. Either way, this is a very very...