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How do I know if my DUI charge was fraudulent?
I was pulled over with no explanations as to why. I agreed to a breathalyzer and passed it with a 0.04 level. I was still arrested and charged with DUI.
You would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney to advocate for you. You do not wish a DUI conviction on...
Can they mail a dui even if they let me drive away
I pulled off the side of a dirt road to let a game warden pass, he stopped his truck and started asking us questions i told him i had a few beers but i drank 3 beers early that afternoon and didnt drink anymore it was already 9;00 at night. He gave me a field test with a flashlight and told me i was not that bad and told me get in my truck and drive back home.
This does sound unusual. You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney, as if you were not given a...
Will the DMV administratively suspend his license according to a 3rd offense or a 1st offense?
My brother has a 3rd offense DUI within a 10 year period. He is being sent to transfer court to receive a 1st offense charge which alleviates the pressure from the more harsh charges and penalties that he initially was facing. He really lucked out. He legally regained his full driver's privileges because the initial suspension ended but, he has been waiting on an upcoming court date. How will the Department of Motor Vehicles handle his suspension term? I've heard that they see a 3rd DUI regardless of what criminal court mandates and I've also heard from an experienced DMV worker themselves that the DMV has to suspend a persons driver's license depending on the judge's sentencing. Thanks.
DMV is separate from the court and can act on its own. So if he has had 3 DUI convictions, they can act accordingly.
Will I go to jail if I fail a conditional discharge first drug test.
I got a simple possession charge and and now I have to do PTI and conditional discharge for 6 months
Possibly. Why are you messing around with your one free pass anyway? You screw it up and it is wasted. No dismissal of...
What are the chances of getting drug screened at my first appearance at court?
I got arrested for simple possession of amphetamines in July. I got out of jail on bond and went to rehab. I've been waiting for a court date to be scheduled, and just found out today that my first appearance is in a week. I have been smoking weed lightly but I've been off everything else. I last smoked on new years, what are the chances of getting tested the day of the first appearance? It's my first drug offence and I plan on being honest to the judge if he asks if I can pass a drug test.
If a true first appearance, That will not happen. It is no more that roll call, really. And you may want to get a...
How can I get my license back faster?
I work about an hour away from my rural home, I am trying to find a place closer to live but with the cost of rides and the fact I am server I am unable to do so, which will cause me to lose my job. I have be deemed as a habitual offender for Driving Under Suspension. It was always a DUS and one case I was charged and arrested close to a week after the date I actually drove. I did my house arrest and shortly after being released lost a job because of driving issues. I have been employed at this job for over a year and desperately want to keep it. Is there anyway I can legally drive a vehicle. I am close to being in another state, and if I was able to drive I would gladly move their and continue to stay with my job.
You can have a lawyer look at your record and convictions, but really you just seem to have a bad habit of not...
Can I be held liable if a customer drinks alcohol in my establishment that they brought themselves?
I would like to host a BYOB sip and paint workshop.
Liable for what? Some things may create liability for you because you promoted the situation that happened. So if one...